SIR Visual: a warehouse stocked thanks to Modula


SIR Visual is an Italian company that deals with the distribution of products for wide and superwide digital printing. SIR Visual has more than 3,000 customers and an e-commerce always updated in real time with the progress of requests and related orders.

Modula Lift, the solution for a fast and efficient deliveries

In 2016 SIR Visual chose to optimize its warehouse with 8 Modula Lifts. This allows the wide variety of goods required for rapid fulfillment of customer orders to be stored neatly and cleanly inside the VLM.
With the Modula WMS software all items are tracked and easily accessible with just one click.
Deliveries take place in 24/48 hours in Italy, within 72 hours in Europe and in 2-3 days around the world.

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