The new Horizontal Carousel by Modula


The simple and economical solution for companies in all sectors

The Modula Horizontal Carousel draws on the thirty years of experience gained in the American market and was developed according to the most modern safety, ergonomic, efficiency and productivity standards, making it the ideal choice for companies of any size or sector.

Following the “goods to man” principle, the Modula Horizontal Carousel facilitates considerable time savings: the bins rotate horizontally on a steel track and are delivered to the operator in the picking station, thus saving a significant amount of time compared to traditional manual picking methods and achieving considerable performance levels of up to 550 picks/hour.

Modula HC is not just about enhanced productivity but also significant space savings: with the Modula Horizontal Carousel it is possible to optimize the footprint in the warehouse as the products are organized and stored in a compact and high-density storage system.

When combined with WMS software and visual picking aids, which enable operators to quickly identify the products to be picked, the Modula Horizontal Carousel significantly reduces errors in order preparation, increasing accuracy up to over 99%.

Maximum attention to safety. Thanks to the use of automatic doors equipped with presence sensors, and the perimeter fence, Modula Horizontal Carousels guarantee the highest safety standards for operators and stored materials.

Offering great flexibility with regards to both different possible configurations (2, 3 or 4 pods), and its installation adaptability, the Modula Horizontal Carousel is suitable for different environments, whether with particular layouts, architectural obstacles or low ceilings, where vertical solutions are not feasible.

Finally, the operation of a Modula Horizontal Carousel is extremely straightforward and intuitive thanks to a simple graphic interface that provides operators with real-time information about the status of the machine and the stock situation.

The increase in storage capacity, and scalability within the Supply Chain are increasingly important factors for any company and something Modula has been paying attention to for over 30 years. Today, with the launch of the new Modula Horizontal Carousel, we are expanding our range of products by offering not only vertical solutions but also horizontal solutions that enable us to provide an effective, fast and high-performance response to the increasingly stringent needs of a market that has never been so competitive” commented Massimiliano Gigli, Market Operations Director at Modula S.p.A., on the launch of the new Modula Horizontal Carousel.


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