Think Vertical, all you need to know about warehouse management


Managing the warehouse is one of the most complicated activities of a company, regardless of the quantities of goods that have to be placed.

A disorganized and inefficient stock administration has deleterious consequences for every type of business. In Modula we know this very well, so in addition to provide a solution for this problem we decided to create a blog where we will try to answer all your questions.

This is how “Think Vertical” is born, that is all you need to know about warehouse management. We will provide advice in pills that will range from how to organize a space, how to inventory quickly, to optimize picking operations.

We decided to divide our blog into 3 macro thematic areas:

Warehouse management, lots of little suggestions to improve company strategy

Automatic warehouses, the new technology that has transformed logistics in the last years

Applications in various sectors that save time, space and money

Our Francesco has already started to work and has written some interesting articles. An advice? Start from this, follow us on Facebook and let us to know your opinion!




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