Vivoil, an example of the optimisation of production flows thanks to the Modula technologies


Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo is an Italian company founded in 1985, based at Budrio, near Bologna. Its core business is the manufacture of hydraulic pumps and motors and flow dividers.
Oleodinamica Vivoil has grown from a small company to become an international brand. In this new context, the need also emerged to review the organisation of its warehouse, in order to provide fast customer service.

A lean workflow thanks to Modula

With Modula's arrival, the company evolved its workflow, which is now much leaner and focused on eliminating waste within the warehouse. In fact, the Modula technology provides full control of stock levels: thanks to the WMS software, it only takes a click to receive precise information about theoretical warehouse inventory and compare it with the real stock on hand. What's more, with Modula Cloud warehouse operations are constantly monitored: in the event of a malfunction, the Modula service department will be alerted in real time and will be able to act from remote to restore normal operation of the machine.

Which Modula solution did Vivoil choose?

Vivoil installed 10 vertical warehouses:
- 4 ML1000 systems 7,700 mm tall, for finished product storage
- 2 ML75 systems 7,700 mm tall for semifinished products
- 3 ML1000 systems 6,900 mm tall for aluminium profiles
- 1 MX75 system 6,900 mm tall for aluminium profiles
To enhance performance, the Modula systems were fitted with these accessories to assist the operator during picking and refills.

Alphanumerical LED bar: provides information useful for picking and refill operations, such as an article's position and the picking quantity.

Laser pointer: a two-axis pointer. The material to be picked is precisely indicated via the intersection of a red holographic laser line that identifies the position on the “X” axis (width), and a green spot which identifies the position on the “Y” axis (depth).

EKS reader: an electronic key reader for tracking access. It is perfect for industrial applications, as it has a sturdy structure and an IP67 protection rating.

Sliding console: helps the operator during intensive picking operations. The Copilot Console can be moved along the entire length of the bay, close to the picking point. This makes every operation easier, more comfortable and more efficient, even saving your operator "walking" time.


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