Modula OnePick

Modula OnePick

Automation at the highest level with the new vertical warehouse OnePick. Its automatic bay does not require operators.

OnePick is a Modula Lift automatic vertical warehouse with a special picking bay equipped with a Cartesian robot moving along 2 axes (X and Y).

The bay is set at a predefined height so it integrates seamlessly with rollers, conveyors, belts and other systems completely automatically. In the OnePick bay, a gripper device retrieves the box and places it in front of the bay on a surface external to the machine.

Technical Data

OnePick combined with a handling system allows installation of an automatic vertical warehouse even in areas that are difficult to access, uncomfortable or far from where the goods are needed. OnePick's operation is based on WMS software which, amongst other things, also maps the location of the tray containers. The gripper device is guided by this mapping and retrieves the requested items autonomously. This type of automatic transport system will then be able to convey the retrieved materials to another location, even if far away.

Modula Lift is available in these models:

• MA & MA-D

• MC & MC-D

• MX & MX-D

• ML & ML-D

Unit heights from 3.300 mm to 16.100 mm
Unit height increments on 200 mm
Tray storage adjustability 25 mm
Tray widths from 1.900 mm to 4.100 mm
Tray depths 654 mm & 857 mm
Net tray payload capacities 250-500-750-990 kg
Net unit load capacity up to 90.000 Kg
Maximum height of stored materials 360 mm
Number of Bays up to 3 OnePick bays also in altitude and in the same side
Dynamic storage of trays depending on the specific height Dynamic management of heights of loading
Extractor’s vertical lifting system with 8 HDPE rollers for each side of the elevator Elevator driving system with 6 HDPE wheels on each side
Dynamic storage of trays depending on the specific material height Dynamic management of heights of loading
Internal zinced coated steel structure Supporting structure in galvanized steel

This product can be integrated with

Modula WMS

Modula WMS

The Warehouse Management Software combinable with Modula, or stand alone working designed to manage every storage solution.

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