Modula WMS Premium: Advanced Automatic Warehouse Management Software

Modula WMS Premium is the most complete package for warehouse management.

It provides all the functionalities of the WMS Base, plus:

Automatic item-compartment coupling and dynamic management of locations

Management of lots

• Complete and customizable management of automatic import/export of data in ASCII, ODBC, Excel and XML format

Management of the status of all items

Management of the type of packaging

Management of expiration dates

Advanced user management through the configuration of the procedures enabled for each user

FIFO (First Input First Output) management or with subcode priority (e.g. picking operations giving priority to items with the lowest and therefore oldest lot code)

Management of reasons for instant requests.


Additional software modules for advanced warehouse management

Advanced Picking

This module provides functionalities to improve picking and placing operations in the storage system.

• Management of packing lists
• Management of assembly kits
• Management of shipping areas
• Automatic creation of compartments during placing activities
• Management of "serial" codes (management of multiple serial numbers for the same code associated with a specific compartment).

The advanced picking module is ideal for the management of shipping areas, picking cart and Put to Light.

Advanced management of Master Data

This module extends the functions related to the management of the Master Data:

• Management of predefined orders that can be replicated at will
• Item image - code association
• Grouping of item codes into families to define common characteristics
• Grouping of item codes into categories to facilitate consultation and search operations
• Extension of fields that can be used for item data, orders, and order lines through additional attributes
• Alternative code management
• Management of borrowed material.

Manual Storage System

This module enables the software management of the manual areas with the following functions:

• Management of manual storage systems through an intuitive graphic tool
• Management of picking operations in manual areas
• Management of material distributed (split) in different areas based on the quantities handled
• Management of the restocking of items between areas based on minimum stock values established for the different areas
• Management of the input area

Mobile Picking APP

The new APP for Android devices enables maximum mobility for operators working with all manual storage systems managed through the Modula WMS software.

The intuitive user interface facilitates the execution of picking and placing operations with just a few taps. If required, it is possible to use the barcode reader or the scanner camera. The application can be installed on any Android device from version 7 to 10.

IDOC: SAP protocol

This is a data exchange between SAP WMS and Modula WMS (ASCII format) via IDOC, provided that SAP contains the WM module. The Modula WMS system must be seen as a black box by SAP, where requests and the related results are sent via IDOC.


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