Picking Solutions: Put To Light

Put to Light

High productivity picking with the Put to Light system

Put to Light solutions are the best choice for order preparation when a fast, intuitive, scalable and error-free process is required.


How does the Modula Put to Light system work?

In the Put to Light system, the displays guide the operator visually to the positions where the items for each order must be placed.

A luminous display is associated with each position or container assigned to an order. Sorting is carried out by item.

Once an item has been identified, the displays indicate to the operator the container in which it must be placed and the quantity required for each order.


Display features

• 7-color validation button
• OLED 128x32 pixels graphic display
• Aluminum support structure


The Modula WMS software, which manages the Put to Light system, allows the implementation of different picking strategies, including batch or multi-order picking.

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