Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Modula's mission is to promote the adoption of automatic vertical warehouses by every company, of every size and in every product sector, all over the world. Producing at plants with state-of-the-art technology content and optimising processes via the lean manufacturing approach, to ensure that warehouses offer real value for money, making them affordable to those seeking to automate their internal logistics.

Modula S.p.A. has chosen the following core values for its Quality Policy:

1) Respect: The company promotes respects between people, for the roles and opinions of others, and respect for its organisation, rules and procedures. Staff are encouraged to be punctual and meet deadlines, to listen, to share ideas and to support each other.
2) Sense of belonging: The company urges its people to adopt a hands-on approach, to accept responsibility and only ever to act in the company's interest; it fosters and encourages the creation and maintenance of a positive working environment.
3) Ethics: The company insists on loyalty, transparency and honesty in relations between employees and in relation to suppliers, customers and other stakeholders.
4) Innovation: The company develops and builds constantly leading-edge, profitable, sustainable products, in compliance with the relevant standards and laws and the requirements imposed or generated by the examination of the customer's demands.
5) Interdependency: The company controls the interrelationships and interdependencies among the processes of the system, to continually enhance the organisation's overall performance.
6) Striving for excellence in every aspect: The company encourages and develops its human assets, and their professionalism and skills; it is committed to developing an efficient, effective managerial, process-based approach to its operations, constantly monitored via key system indicators.
7) Customer satisfaction: The company strives to anticipate customers' needs as far as possible by growing its ability to respond to, but above all to predict, market trends; all efforts and energies are focused on customer satisfaction.
8) Results and change-orientation: The company promotes and supports the development of a corporate culture oriented towards prevention rather than correction and adopts risk and opportunities management practices involving thorough analysis of the organisation's context and internal and external factors of relevance. It encourages the continual improvement of product quality, and the satisfaction of customers and the other stakeholders, It works with flexibility in order to manage change effectively.

In the context of its operations, and in line with its corporate principles and philosophy, Modula S.p.A. considers the health and safety of its employees and those working on its behalf, and environmental protection, essential duties for its sustainability. The company's Management is therefore committed to:

1) Identifying the risks and opportunities related to its business and assessing the context in which it operates.
2) Ensuring that environmental and health and safety issues are given priority right from the planning of new activities, or when reviewing existing ones.
3) Setting targets, goals and plans of action, and providing the resources for their achievement in line with the budget available.
4) Adopting:
- systems, actions and equipment to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses,
- systems, actions and equipment to prevent pollution and ensure environmental safeguards and protection,
to comply with the relevant legal requirements and fulfil the commitments given to protect occupational health and safety and to protect the environment.
5) Taking action to raise workers' awareness concerning the importance of protecting the environment and of occupational health and safety issues, such as accident prevention.
6) Preferring suppliers who show a commitment to environmental protection and occupational health and safety compliance.
7) Supporting the quality management system and promoting the continual improvement of its processes, products and services and its environmental and occupational health and safety performances, minimising the impacts and risks correlated to its operations.
The organisation hopes that every employee, in the context of their own roles and responsibilities, will support the principles of this policy, which is distributed and disseminated at all levels of the organisation and made available to stakeholders.

Fiorano Modenese, 15/05/2019

Giovanni Cariani C.E.O
Massimiliano Gigli C.E.O
Marco Pellesi C.E.O

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