Cyber Cafè

The Initiative
The CYBER CAFE’ contest is part of a humanitarian initiative designed by the BAMBINI DEL DESERTO association, in which Modula is the main sponsor will allow to realized the special Internet Point in Africa.In This Internet Cafè the Teachers and University Students to be able to use the Internet Connection. In exchange they will have to give their availbality in free way to training the local community children. It’s an very important initiative where training is considered the fulcrum of every individual, both from a professional and human point of view.

Who can participate? 
All the commercial network of Modula and its branches all over the world. In this project the agents and dealer not to be able to partecipate. For this purpose, teams will be created by geographical area, in order to follow the progress of the initiative for homogeneous groups of participants. Area managers will also be sensitized to the initiative and will support Modula Academy localy staff.

How partecipate it
It’s very easy and simple that is accross the courses on the platform (you can see after login on your dashboard). Among these there will be not only those of the single mini-competition (these have a more "generous" award) but also all the others.




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