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Actually there are a lot of sales courses on the platform. The subject matter are many and different, and mainly concern our company, products and applications. The learning plan consist of different courses that belong to “Corporate identity”, “intralogistics”, “products”, and “competitors”.

Other courses are being prepared, among these we have: «The Commercial Configurator» and the Apps. Furthermore, for the second part of 2018, short-term courses are planned, classified as "pills", which show the functionality of Modula's WMS software with a corresponding explanation of the logistic-operational context.

The translation into four languages of the most important courses is underway; at the end of the translation process, these courses will be available in Italian, English, German and Spanish.


Examples of sales courses




Some of the most important courses currently present on the platform are the object of graphic and structural restyling, in order to make the training experience of the users more and more pleasant, useful and engaging.









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