A Vertical Lift Module that thinks like a vending machine

Tired of picking errors in your business?

If picking errors in your process strongly affect efficiency or can even be dangerous, here is the solution: with Modula Next, no more picking errors, not even when the items to be picked are very similar.

Precise picking and dedicated access openings.

With Modula Next, each picking or placing operation is perfectly tracked, unmistakably and securely. No space for errors!

Deliver the right piece to the right person!

Modula Next
More space
Faster picking
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Need perfect consignment stock management?

Want your customers to buy your products only? Place your modula in your customer’s premises

Imagine placing a Modula Next, the new vertical warehouse that works like a vending machine and makes spare parts, tools, items and other products available on demand in your departments.
They only have to select and pick what they actually need without worrying about stock management. At a single pick point, products will be available, always under control and without stock outages.
Manage your global inventory with real-time information, based on data collected from the machines installed by your customers.

The ideal solution for all applications where precision and safety are essential

Give your customers a new shopping experience. With this automated vertical warehouse you will achieve

  • fewer errors
  • fewer returns
  • fewer deliveries
  • less carbon footprint

Plus no more delays in searching for what you need, no more waiting for missing stock and no more over-buying.

Modula Next

Zero pick-up errors

Modula Next is in fact based on an automatic system of mobile windows that open on the previously filled and loaded tray.
Once the code to be retrieved has been called up, the warehouse tray comes into bay and the system of mobile windows opens only at the desired compartment, giving access only to the material contained therein.

All products can be loaded into the trays of the Modula Next vertical warehouse (even in a single session), then the WMS software is set to match certain picking to specific compartments. An automatic analysis of the WMS software collects information on the use of the trays and over time ensures a better arrangement of the trays by placing the most used ones closer to the bay for even more efficient picking.

This process ensures that all items stored inside are in a safe condition and under strict and precise control.

This results in zero picking errors, real-time inventory control and optimal warehouse management.

The Modula Next automatic warehouse provides for dynamic management of loading heights: in this way, storage density can be optimised to the maximum by eliminating empty spaces between trays.

The possibility of handling delicate products and at the same time the maximum capacity of the trays meet the requirements of precise picking and space optimisation in the automotive, aerospace, defence, healthcare, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors.

Modula Next
Modula Next

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