Corporate Fitness & Agility: Cost Efficiency and ROI for Logistic Champions


In the second chapter of our Corporate Fitness & Agility series, discover the real reason why businesses who are investing now are insuring success in their future. Join two of today’s industry leaders as they guide you through understanding the importance of financial optimization within a clearly defined strategy, and learn how to budget wisely for a profitable return on investment. In this webinar, we will hear from Global O-Ring and Seal, a company who turned their business around and increased their warehouse cost efficiency by investing in automation, and securing their future with a dependable ROI. Learn why not investing is something you can’t afford in today’s economic environment.

You will learn:
• Strategy and planning during budgeting season
• Cost transparency and identifying improvement opportunities
• Investing in Capex in times of crisis / ROI champions
• Productivity and efficiency optimization
• Impact on 3 statements – Balance sheet / P&L / Cash flow statement
• Optimizing cash to cash cycle
• Analytics and data transparency

Presenter: Antonio Pagano, CEO Modula, Inc.
Presenter: Yannick Schilly, President and CEO of Altix
Special Guest: Adam Earnhardt, Vice President of Operations at Global O-Ring and Seal


Webinar USA Cost efficiency and ROI


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