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"Changing courses and ways of learning change The advent of the Net has changed people's lifestyle by subverting it completely."

E-learning is the use of internet technology to (re) design, (re) distribute, (re) select, administer, support and disseminate training, allowing learners to acquire new notions where, how and when they want. Today this term is commonly associated with the definition of distance learning, but we at Modula Academy would like to expand the concept by emphasizing that, in reality, the network makes it possible to bring together, integrate and share the company training contents ("assets") potentially with all the human "resources" of the company.



a) Change the teaching paradigm as we know it, passing from the TEACHING-ALUNNI model to the model in which the teacher coordinates the training and facilitates the learning of the learners (see for further details the definition of andragogy). E-learning has the great merit of highlighting the times, the ways and the characteristics of those who learn rather than those of those who teach.

b) E-learning is not an alternative training experience but a complement to traditional teaching. An effective and modern training system can not ignore the physical interaction and a proper study of the subject matter, but at the same time can exploit the technology also to deliver multiple contents, even of different nature, breaking down the classic barriers constituted by the chronic lack of time, from the costs of training, the difficulty of moving people and the overdose information of the modern era.




The technology also allows the generation of training content created by the most experienced learners (the process is called COACH AND SHARE), which, through the appropriate use of e-learning platform, can be made available to those who are interested. An example under construction concerns, for example, the Customer Care of Modula, which involves the most experienced trainers in the creation of short videos "in the field", related to specific operating phases (click here to see an example), which will be integrated into training courses for installers, thus introducing making it more interesting and effective online courses in their area.


Through e-learning we leave a logic that is all centered on the individual and we enter into a logic of community, so we are talking about a completely new formative experience, where there is a whole "community" that learns and, therefore grows, together.

This is e-learning.






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