Why move to a vertical warehouse?

Created to make the most of available vertical space and save floor space at the same time, vertical warehouse technology is suited to any type of product, in any industry sector or environment, as they can be customised to have various payloads, heights, sizes and options.

Vertical tray warehouses allow you to store goods in an organised, clean, secure and fast system, reducing the number of movements operators have to make and avoiding damage to your goods.

The main advantages are:

Recuperare lo spazioRECOVER SPACE

Modula helps you recover up to 90% of floor space thanks to its vertical structure, available in models up to 16 metres tall.

Risparmiare tempoSAVE TIME

Products are brought directly to the picking bay using the "goods to man" principle. This means that operators don't have to move around the warehouse to pick or refill goods.

Ridurre i rischiREDUCE RISKS

Modula enables you to avoid potentially hazardous situations due to operators moving around traditional warehouses and accessing raised areas (shelves or mezzanines) and/or using stairs or trucks.

Aumentare la sicurezzaINCREASE SECURITY

Access is only granted to authorised operators (using badges or passwords) and can be tracked or even limited to specific trays via specific permissions.

Migliorare la precisioneIMPROVE PRECISION

An operator can easily identify the products that need to be picked from or refilled into the automatic warehouse via simple and intuitive tools.

Migliorare la gestione delle scorteIMPROVE STOCK MANAGEMENT

An operator can get clear indications of theoretical stock levels in the warehouse and can compare these with real stock levels. This facilitates their alignment in the event of an inventory.


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