Vonpar Refrescos

Modula warehouse management system for the food & beverage and large-scale distribution industry

Vonpar Refrescos is one of the most important bottlers of Coca Cola in Brazil, with a production unit in Porto Alegre (RS) that supplies both the Rio Grande do Sul (RS ) and Santa Catarina (SC).

Store in the automatic vertical warehouses It modulates the bulky parts intended for format changes

In the Vonpar Refrescos production site all Coca Cola products are bottled, with a continuous production 24/7. The change of equipment and dies in the bottle filling line is a routine activity of the production process.

In the traditional process, the equipment and dies, which are heavy elements, were stored in racks. Operators had to manually load them onto trolleys for transport, carry them to the machine, change them and return the replaced items back to the racking again, with a great deal of time in searching and transporting them of the pieces, and also with a great physical effort of the operators themselves.

With the implementation of the Modula vertical warehouse with the trolley (drawer extraction and transport trolley), the equipment and dies are stored very close to the production line, reducing the search and transport time. The trolley decreases the physical effort for the operators, thus improving the ergonomics of the equipment replacement process.