Vertical automatic warehouse: save time and space!

Modula is the vertical automatic warehouse designed to optimize warehouse management and company intralogistics. 

Equipped with internal trays with capacity up to 990 kg, Modula allows you to store goods saving up to 90% of floor space. No more stairs or uncomfortable movements for operators who can call the product with a simple click

It’s the solution for every product sector and for every type of application. It can be integrated into the company with robots, conveyors, manipulators, production lines and automatic systems.

With WMS software to company management, it becomes an indispensable tool for all supply chain management with advantages in terms of savings, efficiency, safety and cleanliness.

in your warehouse:

  • Save up to 90% of the occupied floor space
  • Save time in picking operations
  • Keep the goods safe from theft and damage
  • Uses an integrated software with enterprise information systems

we put at your disposal:

  • Ad hoc solutions for all types of stock
  • Excellent pre and post sales service



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