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An automated warehouse for companies in the world of hardware thanks to Modula

We are experiencing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, now to be competitive we need to think about the manufacturing sector of the future and focus everything on digital innovation. Production methods evolve and with them also the way of understanding the logistic processes of a company.

For years now, Modula has been involved in transforming warehouses around the world, making them tidy, clean, safe and faster. The product range includes vertical and horizontal automatic warehouses that adapt to any sector and industrial environment.

Why should companies that stock tools and hardware rely on Modula automatic warehouses?

Because the advantages will be immediate in terms of optimizing the space occupied and simplifying the handling activity which will be faster and always in total safety for operators and goods.

Modula is also the most effective answer for the management of products on the counter and for a fast and computerized inventory.

“In our resale – explains Donato Demartin, owner of Hardware El Mama – we have an 11 meter high machine that allows us to load the lower part directly from the pallet, moving the goods per minute (in numerous boxes of different sizes) which then they will be retailed at the upper counter. To include the vertical warehouse in our real estate context, we had to create a dedicated space in all the floors that the machine crosses, from the attic to the basement. Thanks to the inclusion of Modula in the new headquarters, our work has improved a lot: more speed and more comfort thanks to the double internal loading bay, where it is possible to store many different categories of articles and, in a few moments, they are available to our customer at the counter. We have noticed that the presence of the warehouse behind the counter has improved the relationship with the customer: today we can entertain them, developing the consultancy relationship and thus increase the volume of purchases “.

“Modula has greatly facilitated my job – says Francesco Bucaria, warehouseman of Hardware Groups – I no longer have to climb the stairs several times a day, with heavy packages over my shoulders. Here the drawer arrives, the goods are picked up and positioned, then it is he who autonomously returns to his place, at the top, without me having to struggle “.

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