Modula Automated Horizontal Storage Solutions

Not all facilities are equal. Some buildings are tall, so goods can be stored using automatic vertical warehouses to take advantage of this.

Other warehouses have specific geometries, architectural obstacles or merely low ceilings that make it impossible to work at height. We have the right solution for you in these specific circumstances!

Instead of extending upwards, automated horizontal carousels usually spread out horizontally. The “goods-to-man” principle is characteristic of these facilities, just like for vertical warehouses: the items are still taken to the picking area, at operator height, without wasting time as in traditional picking.

An automatic horizontal carousel is the high-performance choice for all industries that require intensive picking, not only in distribution departments, but also in production departments.

Automated horizontal storage

Save time and improve accuracy

Operators no longer need to move around the warehouse to pick or refill your goods. The products are brought direct to the picking bay according to the “goods-to-man” principle. Using simple and intuitive visual tools, each operator can easily identify the products that need to be refilled or picked from the automatic warehouse. This saves an enormous amount of time and money, as a result of a drastic reduction in mistakes.

Automated horizontal storage

Product safety, tracking and inventory control

Access to materials stored inside the warehouse is only permitted to authorised operators with the correct approvals (badge, password). All access can be tracked and even limited to specific trays, by means of dedicated permissions. Every time goods are stored or retrieved, the operator can be given clear indications of theoretical stock levels, compare them with the actual stock and make it easier to align these when performing an inventory.

Automated horizontal storage