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Modula warehouses for companies that produce packaging

Packaging is a fundamental element for every product: it is functional for better conservation and consequent extension of the shelf life, it is a vehicle for marketing messages and it is essential for storage and transport.

The increase in online purchases and transactions implies direct consequences for all players operating in the packaging sector: manufacturers of industrial packaging, those involved in product packaging and protection and those who produce labels and technologies for packaging.

The increase in demand for goods leads to natural production growth for this sector. Efficiency, innovation, safety and punctuality are values and objectives with a strong impact on logistics and are conquered with continuous improvement projects.

What are the advantages of using the Modula vertical warehouse?

Little order and organization in the warehouse often lead to a surplus of purchases of materials that have been lost. Thanks to the organization guaranteed by the Modula warehouses, it will be possible to know at any time where the raw material, the finished products and all the tools used for production are located. The use of Modula reduces waste to zero.

Modula warehouses can be strategically inserted into the production process to improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. The numerous companies that deal with industrial packaging, label production and application machines have chosen Modula to be more efficient, obtaining important improvements in industriousness in production, greater customer satisfaction, greater competitiveness, cost reduction and increased turnover.

Managing the warehouse with precision is a complicated task, especially in the case of many references such as in the packaging sector. It is absolutely essential to always have reliable information about stocks and procurement times available in order to start production and avoid downtime caused by lack of materials.

With the Modula automatic warehouses it is possible to store and preserve large quantities of small parts, tools and tools for work using all the vertical space, up to 16 meters.

Thanks to the warehouse management software, integrated in the Modula system, which stores the quantities of the individual items stored in the warehouse, you will no longer waste time looking for tools that are misplaced and scattered everywhere. Near the loading bay there is a touch screen operator interface (Copilot) that allows access to the machine in a very simple and fast way. To pick up a product, simply select the desired item on the console and in a few seconds the drawer from which to pick will appear on the loading bay.

Which Modula to choose and with which options?

Modula Lift is the most requested solution by companies operating in the packaging sector. Here are some accessories with which to maximize it: Alphanumeric Bar, Laser Pointer, Badge Reader and Put to Light.