Modula’s mission

Our mission is to “bring an automatic warehouse into every company of whatever size or industry, to improve their intralogistics”.
Our high-tech production processes reflect our vocation for innovation.
They enable us to transfer value to our clients, wherever they are in the world.


Product and process innovations

These vertical warehouses are designed to reduce occupied floor space by 90%, to increase productivity, to speed up picking throughput and to improve warehouse efficiency by reducing risks to both people and goods.
They have long been synonymous with order, safety and automation for companies that adopt them in their production departments or in logistics.
Easy to use and equipped with advanced security systems, they become indispensable to reduce the number of errors, speed up operations and keep everything under control.
Their users in production, warehouses or stores can see the same benefits by improving their workflow.
These days, the range is made at a highly innovative, digitalised production plant where automatic bending and punching systems form the sheet metal and transform it into warehouse components. Anthropomorphous robots and artificial viewing systems, 2D and 3D laser cutters are used at the production plants in Italy, China and the US, to ensure the same level of quality and product certification all over the world.


A few figures

Despite the first Modula prototype having been completed in 1987, Modula as a company came to be as a Business Unit at System Logistics. It remained so until 2016, when it was incorporated in its own right as a public limited company (S.p.A.).

Since then, it has grown in terms of geography, production and sales, and now has four production sites, 11 branches all over the world and over 1000 employees, including production workers, administrative staff, technicians, installers and software engineers.

At the Italian headquarters in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia province), 3,000 machines are produced per year, in a plant covering 30,000 m2.

We have two sites in the United States, one in Lewiston, Maine and the other in Franklin, Ohio. The two plants cover a total of 18,000 m2, producing 600 warehouses per year.

The plant in Suzhou (China), where manufacturing for the Asian market is based, spreads out over 8,000 m2, with annual production exceeding 300 machines.

The 11 commercial branches are based in FranceGermany, the UKSpain, Poland, DenmarkIndiaSingapore, Australia, Colombia and Mexico, alongside a network of over 100 dealers in every corner of the world.

We maintain full ownership of all our sites, to guarantee the same high standards of quality in our warehouses all over the world.

Modula now also owns MB, a leader in the design and manufacture of moulds, and in metalworking for third parties.

Modula’s consolidated turnover in 2023 exceeded €320 million, with a client base of over 20,000 units worldwide and record sales of 4,100 machines in 2022.

What do our customers think?

A large, reliable, cutting-edge company.
A conscientious, helpful company, with excellent assistance and prices in line with the market.
A quality company with a widespread sales network.
A great company that helps to improve warehouse management.
A business that has taken forward this kind of machine – very important in our sector – in this country. I consider the company and product to be very reliable.
An Italian company, recognisable for its aesthetics, which has enabled us to make a game change.
A state-of-the-art plant, a structured, growing company that is attentive to the needs and customisations that clients demand.
A company that produces high-performance vertical warehouses.
Conscientious company with excellent expertise on this type of product, with very effective after-sales service.
A modern company that is investing to improve products and processes, and to maintain competitiveness.
It is a company I would recommend, which respects the commitments it makes, and has a product that meets my requirements.
A good company that helps us with delivery and after-sales. We have very good relations, and they offer good value for money.
A safe and efficient system, which helps to save a great deal of space.
Convenient and very useful machine, especially for handling small items.
A great warehouse, where everything comes in one machine.
A leading company in the field of vertical warehouses.
A product that is simple in its construction (automatic drawers), with a straightforward but effective technology. The advantage is in management.
A machine that can efficiently manage everything you put inside it. It handles picking and drop-off, so it can manage stocks automatically, without having to go and remove or add items manually all the time.
An automatic warehouse system that lets you manage a volume of materials that it would be difficult to otherwise, due to the need to handle small or fragile items.
Excellent use of a warehouse to save space and manage everything in a more functional way.
A product that has been well thought out in terms of the mechanics and software.
A good solution if you need space and speed. 
Even someone who has just joined the company can manage the Modulas. 
If there are any issues, just call them or they come and see you on-site.