Modula Lift: the automated vertical tray warehouse

The vertical warehouse that reduces floor space by 90%

With thousands of installations all over the world, Modula Lift is one of the most reliable and advanced automated vertical warehouses on the market. Over time, it has become synonymous with remaining neat and tidy, keeping inventory under control and warehouse automation.

It is renowned for its versatility, hence its usage in companies of all sizes to store shapes, weights and items of different sizes, in any industry sector.

You can find Modula Lift automated vertical carousel systems in shops, ironmongers’, warehouses and manufacturing, as a production buffer or as storage space.

Modula Lift
Up to 16 metres in unit height
90,000 kg total payload
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The best automated warehouse system to recover space and increase security.
The Modula Lift vertical warehouse is the ideal solution for storing industrial and semi-finished products, spare parts and any kind of product in any industrial environment and every department.

A large number of companies have already chosen Modula Lift vlm warehouse for its flexibility, wide range of models, design and ease of use.

Among automated storage systems, the Modula Lift automatic vertical warehouse is the best fit for any structural and working requirements.

Different configurations are available depending on space

The Modula Lift vlm warehouse is one of the most reliable and advanced vertical storage solutions available on the market. Its revolutionary design enables workshops, distribution centres and facilities of all sizes to improve the accuracy and efficiency of picking operations within the warehouse.

Modula Lift offers the option to select the dual delivery level to work on two trays simultaneously (while one is in the bay, the other is preparing the next picking), or with an external bay to facilitate the operator’s work if they are using mechanical aids such as forklifts, zero-weight cranes or overhead hoists. Simultaneous picking on both sides of the machine with opposite bays or from different levels of the same structure with the multi-level bay.

Modula Lift

The practicality of this model enables companies of all sizes to customise their automatic vertical warehouse according to their requirements, for the best possible solution.

Savings on warehouse running costs are never a secondary consideration. This usually has a major impact on total expenditure, and on the quality of the services provided.

Modula Lift is available in these models:

  • MA & MA-D & MA-DD
  • MC & MC-D & MC-DD
  • MX & MX-D & MX-DD
  • ML & ML-D & ML-DD
  • ME & ME-D & ME-DD
Modula Lift

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