Options for vertical and horizontal automatic warehouse

A warehouse is not just a warehouse, there are many options with which you can improve its performance, according to your needs.

By listening to the voice of our customers, we have been able to develop solutions with which to enrich the vertical and horizontal automatic warehouse to increase productivity even more.

Sometimes it is necessary to keep efficiency under control and reduce errors. At other times, precision in picking or protecting the safety of goods and operators is more important. There are companies that want to track exactly every step and every movement of the items to be facilitated in case of inventory.
Modula has a wide range of options that meet all these needs.


Visual aids for picking

Visual aids make picking and placing operations much faster by providing visual guidance to the location of the item sought. In this way the operator is guided to the items in the tray, which significantly reduces errors.
These accessories must be connected remotely to acquire the position of the item from the WMS.
The optimization of time and performance is very important to all companies and these accessories enable picking and placing rates to be doubled, while making any operation simpler and more efficient. Production-related requirements are met thanks to these aids.

User authentication

These devices safeguard the stored items from unauthorized access. Login is carried out through strictly personal devices, such as Badges or EKS keys which make access operations extremely quick. These methods, compared to standard procedures like entering passwords, eliminate the risk of unauthorized personnel gaining access to the items stored. This user authentication system limits access to the machine or even to specific trays.

Options to improve productivity

These accessories simplify picking and placing activities, making order preparation fast and easy in contrast with traditional methods which are often slow and ineffective for today’s standards.
Their main advantages are the increase in productivity and time optimization.

Tray accessories

Metal separators and dividers are available to properly organize all items inside trays: trays are first equipped with special slotted elements that support the separators and dividers in order to create compartments of the needed sizes. It is also possible to increase the height of the tray sides by means of extensions, thus increasing the volume of the tray itself. This facilitates the storage of a greater quantity of loose materials and prevents the unwanted shifting of tall and bulky items outside the trays. Tray layouts can be changed at any time, according to specific needs, by simply manually moving the separators and dividers.

Bay options

Bay accessories include those components which are physically tied to the bay whether by their position or their function.
They guarantee increased operator safety as they prevent access to the trays when the machine is off and avoid any contact with hazardous materials.
In addition, they enhance ergonomics through more accessible controls and by simplifying the extraction of trays for better handling of materials.
One of the accessories we always recommend is the automatic door, which ensures better preservation of the stored materials.