Automated vertical and horizontal warehouses, picking solutions and robotic integrations

Modula automated warehouses,combined with our warehouse management systems, are the ideal response to companies’ storage and picking requirements, regardless of the industry sector or the type of item to be stored.

The product models include automated vertical storage solutions, automated horizontal storage solutions, automated storage solutions for temperature-controlled environments, picking solutions ideal to optimise order preparation and robotic integrations such as anthropomorphic robots and AMR.


Why choose an automatic vertical warehouse?

Vertical storage solutions are perfect for making the most of the height available in buildings, saving floor surface. These products are the ideal answer for a clean, tidy, safe and fast-moving warehouse.

A vertical warehouse consists of a robust load-bearing structure that houses and supports the trays, a central motorised elevator to move them from the supporting shelves down to the operator bays and one or more bays for the picking and refilling of materials.

According to the “goods-to-man” principle, the products are delivered to the operator in a ideal position in terms of ergonomics.

Why choose an automatic horizontal warehouse?

The horizontal carousel is an ideal automated warehouse for all intensive picking applications, in both distribution and production environments, or in facilities where it is not possible to use vertical space due to height restrictions.

Horizontal carousels can be installed in environments with specific geometries or in sites partially encumbered by architectural obstacles. They are therefore designed to ensure maximum flexibility of installation.

Picking solutions: what are they and what are they used for?

Picking solutions are devices that provide efficient merchandise management and help improve order preparation. They have been designed to guide the operator during the materials picking phase, benefiting from Put to Light technology.

Put to Light is an effective sorting method to split large quantities of items into multiple orders. In practice, picking solutions make it possible to prepare several orders for different clients at the same time, without making mistakes!

Special solutions

Our mission is to clear, to bring an automated storage system to every company, regardless of industrial sector. This means having to deal with situations that are not altogether conventional or those with specific requirements.

Over the years, we have therefore studied and designed “special applications” for industrial businesses that need to stock sensitive goods such as electronic components, medicines or food.

In addition, we have also thought of fire and anti-seismic safety devices to minimise the damage caused by fires or earthquakes.

Robotic integrations, for further automation in logistics

robotic warehouse is a plant equipped with automated goods management systems, where robotic mechanical solutions have been implemented.

It is a system for warehouse logistics where robots and automation work in complete synergy to ensure faster and more precise management of the entire goods and products handling process.

What do our customers think?

A large, reliable, cutting-edge company.
A conscientious, helpful company, with excellent assistance and prices in line with the market.
A quality company with a widespread sales network.
A great company that helps to improve warehouse management.
A business that has taken forward this kind of machine – very important in our sector – in this country. I consider the company and product to be very reliable.
An Italian company, recognisable for its aesthetics, which has enabled us to make a game change.
A state-of-the-art plant, a structured, growing company that is attentive to the needs and customisations that clients demand.
A company that produces high-performance vertical warehouses.
Conscientious company with excellent expertise on this type of product, with very effective after-sales service.
A modern company that is investing to improve products and processes, and to maintain competitiveness.
It is a company I would recommend, which respects the commitments it makes, and has a product that meets my requirements.
A good company that helps us with delivery and after-sales. We have very good relations, and they offer good value for money.
A safe and efficient system, which helps to save a great deal of space.
Convenient and very useful machine, especially for handling small items.
A great warehouse, where everything comes in one machine.
A leading company in the field of vertical warehouses.
A product that is simple in its construction (automatic drawers), with a straightforward but effective technology. The advantage is in management.
A machine that can efficiently manage everything you put inside it. It handles picking and drop-off, so it can manage stocks automatically, without having to go and remove or add items manually all the time.
An automatic warehouse system that lets you manage a volume of materials that it would be difficult to otherwise, due to the need to handle small or fragile items.
Excellent use of a warehouse to save space and manage everything in a more functional way.
A product that has been well thought out in terms of the mechanics and software.
A good solution if you need space and speed. 
Even someone who has just joined the company can manage the Modulas. 
If there are any issues, just call them or they come and see you on-site.