Modula automated vertical storage solutions

Created to make the most of available vertical space and save floor space at the same time, Modula automated vertical storage solutions are suited to any type of product, in any industry sector or environment, and can be customised to various payloads, heights, sizes and options.

Modula automatic vertical tray warehouses allow you to store goods in an clean, tidy, safe and fast-moving system, reducing the number of movements operators need to make and avoiding damage to your goods. Modula automatic vertical storage solutions are designed to save space and time and improve process efficiency.

The automatic vertical tray warehouses were designed according to the “goods-to-man” principle: there is no need for operators to move around the warehouse to pick or refill your goods. Instead, the products are brought directly to the picking bay. The picking bay can be customised for various configurations depending on clients’ varying requirements.

Proper picking management within industrial warehouses translates into competitiveness on the market, especially given the decisiveness of performance in terms of the speed of management and fulfilment of orders.

This intralogistics solution allows all operator activity can be tracked and picking errors can be reduced to an incredible extent, courtesy of simple and intuitive visual aids.

Automated vertical storage

Automatic solutions to improve your logistics processes

Modula automatic vertical warehouses have the great advantage of optional configuration of the heightsize of the tray and bayload capacity and number of trays and workstations, down to the details of single trays that can be customised with partitions and dividers.

The Modula storage and picking system can be equipped with additional options for automated vertical warehouses, to make picking more efficient, to make picking and order preparation more efficient, help the operator while picking and refilling, carry out other processes in a more linear way or even improve performance and consumption.

That’s why Modula automatic tray storage solutions are ideal for your business.

Automated vertical storage

Cutting-edge transmission system

The heart of a warehouse is definitely its motor transmission system. Modula has experimented with motor transmission systems, from rack-and-pinion and chains to belts. To this day we use the Eagle toothed belt, the state of the art among Modula Lift systems. It is silent, does not require lubrication, is reliable and strong, and requires very little maintenance. It is also easy to install.

Automated vertical storage

Maximum payload up to 990 kg

If you need to store heavy loads, the optimum solution is to use a Modula Lift with a payload of 990 kg applicable to all tray models (up to 4,100 mm long). The load will remain stable even if its load is unbalanced; the external bay makes it easy to integrate lifting equipment (such as manipulators or zero-weight cranes).

Automated vertical storage

Various bay configurations

Internal and external bays, with single or dual delivery levels, displaced bays, with standard or oversize unit heights. Modula offers a unique range of configurations, so you can choose the ideal type of product for each kind of storage and see which one best suits your needs for space, picking and refilling. But most of all, operators can finally benefit from a comfortable and ergonomic workplace

Automated vertical storage

Unique visual aids

Some of the options offered by Modula have been adopted by a wide range of clients. These include a laser pointer, which works by intersecting a red laser beam with a green dot, for clear identification of the product required. Alphanumeric indicators can also be built into the LED bar, positioned precisely at eye level.

Automated vertical storage

Experience and innovation

Modula has been around for over 35 years and has always strongly believed in product and process innovation. Over the years, it has made innovation its mission, with constant investment in research and development to create new solutions in response to the ever-increasing demands of the marketplace.

The manufacturing plants are flagships of Industry 4.0, with highly digitalised processes, the Lean philosophy and waste reduction.

Automated vertical storage

Stylish design, made in Italy

You’ll see it at a glance, but that goes hand in hand with the robustness of our structure: four steel columns fitted with lightweight sheet metal panels, for easy maintenance.

Automated vertical storage