We know that prevention is better than cure!

We prefer to always keep your warehouse under control, to prevent a late intervention from compromising your productivity.

To guarantee your Modula automatic warehouses always function correctly, we offer you periodic maintenance contracts appropriate to your usage times and/or the number of tray cycles completed.
Preventive maintenance enables us to check your system is working properly on a regular basis, in terms of the hardware and to prevent or eliminate any faults before they affect your workflow. Most of all, it gives us an overview of your activity, to improve the performance of your warehouse or maximise the return on your investment by means of corrective action.



Preventive maintenance

You won’t need to worry about it: the machine is programmed to alert you via the operator console when maintenance is required.

Experience with over 20,000 clients enables us to conduct in-depth analysis into your operations and advise you on the best way to overcome critical issues and inefficiencies.

Preventive maintenance

Guarantee the best for your Modula: original spare parts and accessories so as not to compromise even a minute of productivity

Quality is paramount for us, and we want to make sure it always stays that way. You can also count on us for advice: our recommendations ensure your systems are always up to date and are performing to their best, as well as keeping you in the loop on new products and solutions. Based on the cycles and activities of your Modula warehouses, we create a schedule to provide you with the spare parts you need in time and replace them where necessary, to ensure your system works perfectly.

Preventive maintenance

Do you want to save money with maintenance or spare parts packages?