Behind every Modula automated warehouse is the Modula WMS management software. Modula has been designed and developed by our in-house team to optimise the performance of Modula automatic storage systems, integrate certain special options or enter into dialogue with other technologies, whether proprietary to

Modula or from other suppliers (such as robots, cobots and AGVs).

Modula WMS warehouse management software can also be used as a stand-alone tool for conventional warehouses with manual areas or can collect information from both automatic and manual warehouses.

Configurable and customisable, Modula WMS is available in various packages with different licensing types and software modules, to fulfil the requirements of any application.

What can Modula WMS warehouse management software do?

  • Identifies incoming and outgoing materials
  • Automates picking from warehouse shelving Every movement is read and transmitted in real time
  • Manages stock and re-orders
  • Plots and recommends how to allocate items, packages or pallets as efficiently as possible
  • Tracks batches, expiry dates, shelf life and serial numbers
  • Makes it easier to draw up an inventory, a database made up of real-time, clear and comprehensive data
  • Creates reports and analytics, using dashboards to understand your efficiency
  • Manages people by measuring performance in terms of time and movements of warehouse operators, as well as errors and inefficiencies
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