Special solutions

Our mission is to clear, to bring warehouse storage solutions to every company, regardless of industrial sector. This means having to deal with situations that are not altogether conventional or those with specific requirements.

Over the years, we have therefore studied and designed “special applications” for industrial businesses that need to stock sensitive goods such as electronic components, medicines or food.

In addition, we have also thought of fire and anti-seismic safety devices to minimise the damage caused by fires or earthquakes.

Special solutions

Solutions for temperature-controlled environments and clean rooms

Storage requirements vary from sector to sector and from one application to another.

Automated vertical warehouses used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical or electronic worlds must be designed to meet stringent standards that also cover product temperature, humidity, cleanliness and their state of preservation.

Optimisation of space is just one of the benefits that Modula storage solutions can bring to these applications. Other benefits include:

  • protection of goods
  • easy access to SKU codes
  • smooth handling of numbers of products
  • compliance with regulations for storage of materials
Special solutions

It is often the case that regulations in some sectors are particularly stringent. To store certain materials, specific equipment and facilities are required, such as controlled temperature and controlled atmosphere environments, cold storage installations, frozen storage installations and temperature-controlled warehouses.

These requirements are the basis for new storage solutions for controlled atmosphere environments and temperature-controlled automatic storage solutions designed by Modula for storing materials in environments subject to variations in temperature.

Controlling storage conditions and protecting humidity and temperature form an integral part of the logistics process in the cold chain, to protect the materials and avoid any deterioration.

The features of our automated warehouse storage solutions with controlled temperature and humidity include:

  • storage from 2°C to 25°C
  • control of relative humidity within 5%
  • control of circulating particles
  • compliance with ISO 14644
  • cold chain compliance
Special solutions

Fire fighting and anti-seismic safety management systems

Following the 2012 earthquake in Emilia, at Modula we have conducted research into a solution that can guarantee protection of goods, integrity of the warehouse, protection of people and quick resumption of client business in the event of an earthquake. Calculations and simulations were validated by testing at Pavia’s Eucentre Foundation, the European centre for research and training in earthquake risk, resulting in the development of the Modula Seismic Isolation system.

The field of fire safety tells us there are four ways to extinguish a fire:

  • fuel reduction or isolation
  • oxygen reduction or isolation
  • heat reduction
  • blocking the chain reaction of the factors above.

Taking this assumption as a starting point, we have designed a fire fighting system, to put out flames when needed.

Special solutions