Robot interface

Interfacing Modula automatic warehouses with anthropomorphic robots for greater productivity

Anthropomorphic robots, or anthropomorphized robots, are robots that simulate the movement of human arms.

Their task is to prevent the operator from performing repetitive actions or high efforts, while generating greater efficiency, productivity and consequently also increasing safety.

Robot interface

How to interface anthropomorphic robots to Modula warehouses?

Modula warehouses can interface with anthropomorphous robots. The prerequisites are as follows:

• WMS Premium is needed in order to use the standard protocol for integration between the Modula unit and the robot. Communication takes place via Siemens PLC or Sockets, with the same command structure used for both solutions.

• The Robot Interface Kit installed on the electrical panel is for the management of three output signals from the Modula to the robot and two input signals from the robot to the Modula.

AMRs and anthropomorphic cobots

A mobile industrial robot (MiR) carrying an anthropomorphic cobot can be used for 100% automated picking.

This type of application is particularly useful for picking single pieces. In this case, the cobot replaces the figure of the operator in the picking / depositing phase, directly carrying out the picking from the drawer of the Modula automatic warehouse.

Robot interface

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