Modula Slim: the compact vertical warehouse

All the benefits of Lift technology, in no more space than a vertical carousel

You don’t need a very tall warehouse, a limited depth is available and you need to limit costs, but you still want to switch to an automatic warehouse?

Modula Slim, that has all the benefits of a vertical lift system in the space of a vertical carousel, is the ideal solution: not only is it a compact and economical automatic vertical carousel + compac warehouse, it is also easy to install and is the ideal answer for those looking for an automated vertical storage solution with total flexibility, without sacrificing Lift technology.

Its very limited depth makes it suitable not only for industrial environments but also for small businesses such as shops, garages, workshops, pharmacies and points of sale.

Modula Slim
Depth: 1.6 m
Surface area: 3 mq
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You can store all types of materials and products in your Modula Slim automatic vertical warehouse: loose materials, containers (boxes, bins, packs, cartons, cases), small items, spare parts, coils, flasks.

It is available in various models and sizes, all with a depth of only 1.6 m.

  • Slim 1.3 tray width: 1,300 mm
  • Slim 1.9 tray width: 1,900 mm
  • Slim 2.5 tray width: 2,500 mm

The height can vary from 2,400 mm to 7,000 mm, the gross weight is 25,000 kg for all models and the operator bay is always internal with a single delivery level.

Modula Slim, the compact vertical storage system, puts every inch of your warehouse space to use, made possible by dynamic tray height storage.

What does that mean?

There are no fixed heights, the warehouse can calculate the positioning of the trays to optimise the gaps between them and can reposition the trays inside the structure once measured when they enter the bay.

That way, the tray order changes according to the maximum height of the material in storage (always 650 mm) and the space is optimised by eliminating unused space between the shelves.

Modula Slim

Modula Slim has an easy-to-use touch interface, positioned directly on the front of the machine, to guide the operator when picking from and refilling its single delivery level

A true revolution, to optimise your warehouse space inside the storage tower and out.

Your energy bills will benefit too! Modula Slim is also green, consuming only 1.2 kWh (much less than an oven or hairdryer).

Modula Slim

Similar to a Modula Life, just Slimmer

  • Reduces footprint, exploiting storage density as much as possible
  • Speeds up picking times
  • Makes materials accessible to all operators, quickly and ergonomically
  • Keeps stock levels and all warehouse items under control
  • Integrates easily into your company processes and communicates with all ERP systems
  • Tracks picking operations, identifying who did what and controls all access
  • Reduces picking and refilling errors by guiding the operator through the process
  • Maintenance is limited: the very quiet transmission system with Eagle toothed belt does not require lubrication and is very easy to install and adjust courtesy of its self-centring pulleys
  • There are no load imbalance issues with Lift technology and elevator movement, unlike with carousel systems
  • It can be fitted with various options from the Modula range, such as visual aids, Put to Light, access control systems, partitions, dividers and slotted tray walls to compartmentalise every single tray
Modula Slim

Modula Slim in figures: the vertical solution that optimises picking in a warehouse

  • Configurable height from2,400 mm to 7,000 mm (can be increased by 100 mm)
  • It can achieve a maximum throughput of 190 picks per hour
  • Total payload of 25,000 kg
  • Single-tray payload of 350 kg
  • Picking bay height: 835 mm
  • Tray side height: 45 mm
  • Maximum depth of each tray: 425 mm
  • Its very low power consumption of 1.2 kWh can be improved by adoption of Modula Green
Modula Slim

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