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EIMA 2022: Modula Farm, vertical cultivation without seasonal constraints

From 9 to 13 November, we will be present at EIMA International, the International Agricultural and Gardening Machinery Exhibition promoted since 1969 by FederUnacoma (Italian Agricultural [...]

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Modula International Sales Meeting 2022

For us, one of the biggest events of the year is our International Sales Meeting. It’s a chance to meet up with dealers and branch representatives so that we can all get to know each other [...]

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Mec-Diesel chose Modula for its warehouses: over 26,000 items in stock

Engine and vehicle spare parts with direct, error-free, organized and rapid orders online. This is what is required by the customers of Mec-Diesel, a company that has been selling spare parts [...]

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An outdoor Modula

Wildmetal's insulated solution Save space by using not only vertical storage systems but also your company's outdoor space.This is the experience of Wildmetal, a company specialized in [...]

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Live Streaming - Think Modula Outside The Box

How to stay competitive by integrating the latest automation solutions to get the most out of your supply chain Find out how automation can streamline your operations by attending our Live [...]

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Smartphoto: the Modula VLMs achieve unprecedented speeds. 800 orders per hour per Lift!

Smartphoto is one of the most important European players in the sector of digital photo processing.Smartphoto sends up to 2.7 million packages of personalised products each year, from photo [...]

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Reduce order management time and simplify inventory monitoring with Modula automated storage systems

Even in a world led by Industry 4.0, companies must be not only innovative but also quick in meeting their customers' needs. Response time is critical. This is even more important if we think [...]

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Why move to a VLM Modula? The Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo case

Founded in 1911, Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo & C. is an Italian historic company that produces gaskets and sealing systems for industrial machines and plants.It operates in a very large [...]

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14 Modula Lift for Elektramat, e-commerce of electrical materials

Having an e-commerce activity does not mean just selling your products online. There is a whole strategy behind it that needs to be explored before starting to sell online. What is the secret [...]

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Modula automatic storage systems as furnishing

Modula is thought of as the automated storage system for the mechanical industry or for distribution hubs. We imagine it integrated into the automotive production line or in large industrial [...]

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Lyreco choose Modula automated warehouses

Lyreco have chosen Modula as their preferred supplier of vertical storage solutions for their facility at Barsinghausen in Germany. Their requirements were for a solution which was able to [...]

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How can Modula increase productivity? The Saba Agriservice case

Modula automatic vertical warehouses’ high storage density allows workshops to make the most of their available space, saving up to 85% of floor space compared to traditional storage methods. [...]

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Solimè’s herbalist tradition meets Modula warehouse automation

Tradition and innovation are fellow travellers when Modula is managing the warehouse!Modula VLM can stock any kind of product, not just mechanical components or large spare parts. One [...]

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Modula Climate Control: the advantages of Lift technology with the benefit of temperature control

Those who work in sectors such as the pharmaceutical, food, chemical or electronics sector look for automated solutions that facilitate access to SKU codes while meeting the need to access a [...]

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#ModulaWebinar: E-Grocery Automation and Cost-Saving Strategies

The recent and rapid growth of automation and robotic solutions in the fulfillment industry has changed dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19. With more than 70% of U.S. households [...]

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Tulips, the first Italian dark store, has chosen Modula vertical automatic storage systems

In 2021, 70% of families declared they shop online and no longer in the supermarket. There are those who choose to have it delivered directly to their home and those who decide to pick it up [...]

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Automation is the solution. Why is Modula replacing old conventional warehouses?

Kilometres of space occupied by conventional shelving, buildings overflowing with boxes and pallets, workers who take hours to find an item, and damaged or out-of-date goods that have to be [...]

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What can do Modula for the e-commerce? The Xacus case

Over the years, e-commerce has become increasingly important to our lives, establishing itself as almost the predominant way of making purchases. Therefore, many companies have decided to open [...]

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Why is Modula Slim the right automatic vertical warehouse for your e-commerce?

Year after year, electronic commerce has more than ever become part of our lives. In 2018, the value of global online purchases exceeded 2,500 billion Euros. At this point, practically every [...]

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How to store electronic material with Modula automatic storage systems?

The most critical issue for companies storing electronic components is related to the need to store these materials safely and in a clean environment. With the solutions developed by Modula, [...]

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Continuous education and training: the new Modula’s project for its production departments

New training projects for the production departments are underway in Modula.This initiative has been strongly pursued by the top management and made possible thanks to Modula's Kaizen Manager, [...]

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Modula sold over 4000 machines in 2021

An excellent team effort for the Group's 9 subsidiaries and the over 100 authorized dealers: more than 4000 machines sold in 2021! The company has also strengthened its presence in many Latin [...]

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A 100% automated solution for warehouse picking processes

Efficient intralogistics management essentially requires two things: quick picking and placing of goods and flow management controlled by simple and intuitive software applications. Mobile [...]

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Put to Light and Modula: Fratelli Ceni optimizes order preparation

Fratelli Ceni was established more than 30 years ago and today distributes more than 12.000 rubber and plastic products for the agricultural sector and the hardware industry in general. The [...]

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Modula Cloud: information control translates into more efficient processes

In the Industry 4.0 era, awareness of the term predictive maintenance is increasing and ever more common.It is a new approach to the management of machinery or industrial plants based on the [...]

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Modula @ MECSPE 2021

MECSPE: An edition focused on automation MECSPE 2021, the largest exhibition on the latest technologies for the manufacturing industry, has just come to an end. With 48,562 visitors, 2,024 [...]

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Modula & Robot

A fully automated storage system for e-commerce While demand is growing in some sectors, the availability of suitable personnel is decreasing: this is one of the consequences of the pandemic [...]

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Modula solutions to automate and speed up warehouse operations

Put to Light, Picking Station and Picking Cart In the effort to optimize production processes there is also a focus on achieving more efficient logistics management. Improving the planning of [...]

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Modula promotes health

Safety and health of people who work in the company: these are Modula's priorities. For this reason, the company has decided to partner with ANT and offer its employees a screening visit for [...]

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Modula and Salvagnini: A winning combination for industrial automation

In the era of Industry 4.0, automation is certainly a milestone. The forecast is for net growth in investments up to 2030 for all companies in the supply chain automation, cloud computing, [...]

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Modula Wellness Area: mens sana in corpore sano

"Sport doesn't build personality, it reveals it." This is the motto of Heywood Hale Brown which can be found in the new corporate wellness area of Modula. We have recently installed a space [...]

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#ModulaFact: The growth of the Salvaterra production plant

Modula has grown significantly over the years. To date, Modula has 4 production plants (two in the USA, one in Italy and one in China), 9 branches (the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, [...]

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100% automated picking?

The Amer case: MiR and vertical storage system, a winning combination What we have been experiencing in the last decade is a real revolution in intralogistics. What initially began as a [...]

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& ever and Modula to conquer Asia with 100% automated strawberry cultivation

We all have a story to tell when it comes to strawberries. Some of us remember this delicious experience from picking and eating them directly in the garden. To others, they are the perfect [...]

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News from overseas

Modula awarded “Foreign investor of the year” by the Maine International Trade Center and new ISO certification Modula was named 2020 “Foreign Direct Investor of the Year” by the Maine [...]

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Modula Live CHAPTER #1

30 minutes of live streaming to discover the new Modula’s Automated storage solutions for climate controlled and clean room environments July 14, 20215:00 PM CET – 11:00 AM EDT The live event [...]

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Modula presents its “viable enterprise” to Business 24

Massimiliano Gigli, the Market Operations Director at Modula, appeared as a guest on Business 24’s programme “Imprese Possibili” (whose name means “Viable Enterprises”).It was an outstanding [...]

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E-Fulfillment: increasingly automated, small, and urban

Micro-Fulfillment and Nano-Fulfillment: the distribution centers of the future are able to meet increasingly stringent delivery times The pandemic has completely turned the trends of the world [...]

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Vertical carousels and vertical lift modules: what’s the difference?

Vertical carousels, storage carousels, vertical rotating shelves, vertical lift modules – what’s the difference? If you’ve been in the material handling business for a while, you may be [...]

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The surprisingly quick ROI of automated storage and retrieval systems

An examination of all the sources of cost-savings vs. traditional storage systems shows why the investment in automated storage and retrieval systems pays off so rapidly, with an ROI anywhere [...]

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Modula world just a click away

A (virtual) tour through our products and solutions We look forward to seeing you in person soon during fairs and exhibitions, but in the meantime we are happy to show you all the news latest [...]

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Automated warehouses and MRO departments: optimized inventory management

MRO inventory optimization: What it is and how has Covid highlighted its importance for business profitability? For years, many businesses have underestimated the time, effort and materials [...]

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Automated storage systems by Modula for the hardware and tooling sector

For years now, Modula has been transforming warehouses around the world, making them tidy, clean, safe and agile. The product range includes vertical and horizontal automated storage systems [...]

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Limited archive space? The solution is Modula’s automatic storage system

When we think of an archive, we imagine many shelves, positioned side by side and overflowing with books, documents, or samples. Folders that fill every possible space on the shelf, sometimes [...]

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Modula presents its new storage solutions for controlled atmosphere environments

Modula S.p.A. introduces new storage solutions designed to maintain the cold chain and operate in controlled environments.The three solutions developed by Modula are:• Modula Climate Control: [...]

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