Limited archive space? The solution is Modula’s automatic storage system

When we think of an archive, we imagine many shelves, positioned side by side and overflowing with books, documents, or samples. Folders that fill every possible space on the shelf, sometimes [...]

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Modula presents its new storage solutions for controlled atmosphere environments

Modula S.p.A. introduces new storage solutions designed to maintain the cold chain and operate in controlled environments.The three solutions developed by Modula are:• Modula Climate Control: [...]

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Modula’s Virtual Christmas Party: Distant but close

Modula's initiative to celebrate Christmas with its personnel despite the restrictions The importance of being “agile”, meaning able to adapt quickly to change, has never been so clear. In [...]

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Modula strengthens its presence in Spain with the inauguration of its new factories in Castellón

The new building, which stands out due to its open spaces with a modern aesthetic, will be home to the Iberian Peninsula branch and will accompany it in its project of expansion and [...]

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The new Horizontal Carousel by Modula

The simple and economical solution for companies in all sectors The Modula Horizontal Carousel draws on the thirty years of experience gained in the American market and was developed according [...]

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Ever higher productivity with new picking solutions by Modula

The need for picking solutions that optimize picking and placing operations has led Modula to integrate new hardware and software solutions into its range of products. These aim to meet the [...]

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Modula automatic warehouses for electrical companies

The inventory of a company that works in the electric sector is extensive, not only electric components or small parts, but also for computer or pre-assembled systems which, in addition to [...]

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Modula automatic storage systems for the agriculture industry

Rethinking the warehouse to better serve customers Consumption of food and gross domestic product are directly proportional, in fact the richer a country is, the more food its inhabitants [...]

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Modula and sport: again Modula sponsors of the Spallanzani Handball team for the men's A2 series

Speed, innovation and teamwork are the pillars of our business and they are also the characteristics we share with the local Pallamano Spallanzani team. In handball like for Modula thinking [...]

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Modula grows and invests locally

The 2019 financial statements show strong growth for Modula S.p.A., the smart factory in Reggio Emilia that continues to invest in its home area by acquiring the Bologna-based MB and even [...]

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Reduce order management time and simplify inventory monitoring with Modula automated storage systems

Even in a world led by Industry 4.0, companies must be not only innovative but also quick in meeting their customers' needs. Response time is critical. This is even more important if we think [...]

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Modula automatic storage systems, the most efficient way to support business growth

The goal of every company is growth: turnover, international presence, customers. Achieving all this is always a source of pride, but very rapid growth can also be a serious challenge.It is [...]

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Modula, a valuable aid to speed up the back-to-business process in total safety

"How can we make our facilities safe and efficient after COVID-19?" This is the question that has been asked everywhere lately. We can consider the COVID-19 pandemic to be the most serious [...]

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Modula: back to work, safety first

On 4 May our production plant in Salvaterra reopened, with a clearly defined protocol and precise rules in order to safeguard the health and safety of anyone entering the company: employees, [...]

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Modula easily fits into every space and every needs

Our VLMs easily fit into any industrial environment, even those that are apparently unsuitable for installing an automatic vertical warehouse.The aim is to optimize your floor space and to [...]

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Smart logistics according to Conad Nord Ovest: Modula up for the challenge

Today, large supermarket chains, retailers and players in the food and beverage sector are faced with a new challenge or, rather, an interesting new opportunity: the optimization of [...]

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Modula: the evolution of intralogistics for food distribution

The biggest problem in food distribution is the speed of order preparation. The food sector must be able to process orders as quickly as possible and the Modula automatic vertical storage [...]

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The automatic vertical storage system Modula ME: the first in the Lift range to be just 1.5 m wide!

Introducing the first new arrival in 2020: the automatic vertical storage system Modula Lift ME.The automatic vertical storage system Modula Lift ME is the smaller version of the Modula Lift: [...]

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The telescopic bay: the best solution to manage heavy materials in the Modula VLMs

Ergonomics is an aspect which cannot be underestimated in a warehouse. The Modula automated vertical storage systems have significantly improved life at work. The operator, in fact, no longer [...]

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Modula to conquer Southeast Asia: the new branch 'Modula South East' is born

“The way to get started is to quit talking and being doing” (Walt Disney) We always follow to the letter this quote.2020 began with a new commercial challenge: the new branch Modula South East [...]

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A Modula vertical automatic storage system for the Xi’An International Medical Center (China)

Why automate healthcare facilities with Modula? Hospitals, private outpatient clinics, and nursing homes all have one main objective: they must guarantee very high standards of hygiene, with [...]

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Modula VLMs, the right choice for more efficient picking. The Global O-Ring case

Do you stock hydraulic assemblies on traditional shelves? These are the problems you certainly experience day in and day out The companies operating in the hydraulic sector handle a wide range [...]

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Modula US Dealer Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona

From the 15th to the 17th of January, Modula hosted our 2020 US Dealer Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Scott Resort & Spa. More than 40 Tier 1 and Tier 2 dealers attended from the US and [...]

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Have you have bottlenecks in your logistics? Fero-Term has choose Modula to fix them!

Fero-Term is a Croatian company leader in interior design and furnishing. Fero-Term has an approximately 500 and 21 sales centers with exhibition areas in all major cities in Croatia. Their [...]

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Modula France wins an award at Viv Industry and grabs the spotlight on TV

Like the rest of the company, the French branch ended 2019 in style. Modula won the “Challenge Fabrication” award for companies with innovative Industry 4.0 solutions. The accolade was [...]

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Modula fights the waste even at the Christmas Party thanks to charitable organization “Il Melograno”

Founded in 1987, Modula’s main focus is to reduce the wasted space in warehouses and distribution centers by providing pioneering automated storage solutions.Through constant investment in R&D, [...]

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Why is Modula Slim the right automatic vertical warehouse for your e-commerce?

Year after year, electronic commerce has more than ever become part of our lives. In 2018, the value of global online purchases exceeded 2,500 billion Euros. At this point, practically every [...]

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Solimè’s herbalist tradition meets Modula warehouse automation

Tradition and innovation are fellow travellers when Modula is managing the warehouse!Modula VLM can stock any kind of product, not just mechanical components or large spare parts. One [...]

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Modula International Sales Meeting 2019

At a time when automation and the virtual world seem to take over, for those of us at Modula, human relations, discussion and team work are still fundamental. This was the inspiration for the [...]

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Grand Opening: Modula sets out to conquer the East!

This past 13 November was a truly special day in Suzhou. It was the day of the Grand Opening and ribbon cutting at the new Modula China Automation Equipment facility. An ultra-modern facility [...]

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Why move to a VLM Modula? The Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo case

Founded in 1911, Manifattura Guarnizioni Colombo & C. is an Italian historic company that produces gaskets and sealing systems for industrial machines and plants.It operates in a very large [...]

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Modula takes its innovative automatic vertical warehouses to CeMAT Asia

Modula looks forward to seeing you again this year at CeMAT Asia, from 23 to 26 October at the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai.CeMAT Asia is China's biggest exhibition dedicated to [...]

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SIR Visual: a warehouse stocked thanks to Modula

SIR Visual is an Italian company that deals with the distribution of products for wide and superwide digital printing. SIR Visual has more than 3,000 customers and an e-commerce always updated [...]

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Two Modula Lift for Mezzacorona Group to manage labels efficiently

Mezzacorona Group has been operating in the wine and fruit sector for over 110 years. The group manages all activities, such as grape production, the subsequent vinification and bottling. Its [...]

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Modula Slim, a small solution for a big savings

Modula Slim is the ideal VLM for companies that don’t have much space available but don’t want to lose out on the advantages of lift solutions.Modula Slim can store all types of products: loose [...]

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Modula presents its new product, Modula Slim, at IMHX this September

IMHX 2019 is taking place at the NEC in Birmingham from 24th to 27th September and will showcase exhibitors from all areas of the logistics and supply chain sectors, an unparalleled opportunity [...]

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A Modula Lift for Mimet, an industry leader in the production of industrial refrigeration

Vigatec, our dealer in Chile, has recently completed the installation of a Modula Lift at the Mimet plant. Mimet is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the commercial [...]

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Why a textile company should choose Modula?

The extended assortments of processing material (needles, fabrics, dyes, accessories, zips, buttons, leathers and samples) take up a lot of space in the warehouse. With the traditional [...]

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Modula at the Kathy Ireland Show

Modula the main character of Fox and Bloomberg International studios Antonio Pagano, CEO of Modula Inc. and Massimiliano Gigli, CEO of Modula SpA, at the Worldwide Business with kathy [...]

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Modula Team Building: ethics, value for people, excellence and involvement.

What do they have to do with cardboard cars? The answer is in the Modula team building, where 35 of us took part in a truly fun challenge: to build vehicles that could actually work that [...]

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Automated vertical storage of the parts department for the automotive industry

Automotive dealership Parts Departments today are experiencing major changes in storing, distributing and selling parts. In order to meet these challenges, many dealers are taking advantage of [...]

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How can Modula increase productivity? The Saba Agriservice case

Modula automatic vertical warehouses’ high storage density allows workshops to make the most of their available space, saving up to 85\% of floor space compared to traditional storage methods. [...]

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Modula sport: an ongoing relationship with the local community

Water-polo, rugby, golf, equestrianism: Modula is committed not only to logistics but also to promoting local sports. The golf tournament entirely sponsored by Modula is held in June every [...]

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Modula sets out to conquer America! The second production site is opened in Ohio

After Maine comes Ohio. Modula Inc doubles its sites in the USA by purchasing the “Dayton Daily News” building, which becomes its fourth site after Salvaterra di Casalgrande, Reggio Emilia, [...]

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Automation is the solution. Why is Modula replacing old conventional warehouses?

Kilometres of space occupied by conventional shelving, buildings overflowing with boxes and pallets, workers who take hours to find an item, and damaged or out-of-date goods that have to be [...]

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Flexspeed and the industrial innovation: the interview with the Modula dealer from Singapore

"Two years ago, we started to invest in the automation technology industry. Robots and vertical lifts are solutions applicable to various different industries.” This is the beginning of the [...]

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Vivoil, an example of the optimisation of production flows thanks to the Modula technologies

Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo is an Italian company founded in 1985, based at Budrio, near Bologna. Its core business is the manufacture of hydraulic pumps and motors and flow [...]

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With Modula you can create space and fly straight to the touchline

Modula believes in supporting community activities, especially those which involve young people in sports. "In sport, we delegate to the body some of the highest virtues of the soul."(Jean [...]

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S, M & XL: a custom operator bay configuration for your Vertical Lift Modules

Having a high-performance warehouse means being more competitive in your chosen market. Depending on your company's requirements, with Modula you can design a custom configuration for your [...]

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How can you improve your warehouse's performances with Modula? The Came case

Came is a multinational based near Treviso, Italy, which develops integrated technological solutions for the automation of residential, public and urban locations.It decided to call in Modula [...]

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LogiMAT 2019: welcome Modula Slim

February 2019: during the most relevant supply chain european exhibition, Logimat, Modula proudly presents its new Modula Slim: the new VLM, available in 1,3m - 1,9 m and 2,5 m tray width, in [...]

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Cyber & Solidaritè: what have we do in Burkina Faso?

  We are happy to present the final report after one year of effort by Modula Academy.In March 2018 Modula started an important journey with "Bambini nel deserto", the association that is [...]

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What can do Modula for the e-commerce? The Xacus case

Over the years, e-commerce has become increasingly important to our lives, establishing itself as almost the predominant way of making purchases. Therefore, many companies have decided to open [...]

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2 Modula Lift for the indian refinery Bharat Petroleum

Also the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited refinery in Mumbai chose Modula. Two Modula Lift MA1000D were installed and they were formally inaugurated last week. The machines reach a height [...]

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Modula: conquering the Swedish market with Edge Technology

Our vertical automatic warehouses reach the Swedish market. A new challenge for our company to get out in a country that only in recent years has shown to be interested in the innovation [...]

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Modula @ Republic Poly

Republic Poly, our customer in Singapore, installed a Sintes1 Demo to use during the events. One thing is to repeat that our vertical automatic warehouse is the best choice for every type of [...]

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#Modulaworld: open house event in Singapore

In these days an open house has been held by our local dealer in Singapore, Flexspeed Technology. Here are some data that show how this little island south of Malaysia is a very powerful [...]

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Modula for the pharmaceutical sector at the DRUG SUPPLY CHAIN in Milan

The first edition of "Drug Supply Chain", the event entirely dedicated to the pharmaceutical sector, took place on Wednesday, May 9th at the Atahotel Expo in Milan. Many thematic tables have [...]

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Modula: doors open to Indonesian students

Monday, March 26th and Tuesday, April 10th System Indonesia has opened its doors to Indonesian High School and University students. They had the opportunity to discover and closely see the [...]

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Modula in Milan for the presentation of CeMAT 2018

Thursday, February 15th, took place in Milan the press conference of CeMAT 2018, the international exhibition of intralogistics that will take place from April 23rd to 27th in Hannover [...]

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