Modula Climate Control: the temperature-controlled warehouse

All the benefits of a Lift with thermal insulation and refrigeration systems

Need to store your products automatically, with constant temperature control? Required to comply with safety regulations when storing your products?

Modula Climate Control is a temperature-controlled warehouse designed to store materials that are sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity.

Taking the structure of a Modula automatic vertical warehouse as a starting point, it is equipped with thermal insulation and refrigeration systems, to control the internal environmental conditions and therefore ensure outstanding refrigerated storage. The thermal insulation system consists of an external covering made of polyurethane foam insulation panels, to isolate the automatic vertical warehouse by covering it on each side.

The front wall of the external covering includes a thermal break system divided into several independent windows that can be opened outwards, so the operator has access to the entire bay without affecting the internal temperature.

Depending on the climactic storage conditions to be achieved (both temperature and relative humidity) and those for the environment where the warehouse is installed, the optimal technical configuration can be defined.

Modula Climate Control
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What are the main benefits of Modula Climate Control?

  • Standalone structure
  • Temperature control from +2°C to +40°C
  • Technology applicable to all Lift models
  • Relative humidity control ≥5%
  • Easy access to stored materials

How does Modula Climate Control work?

The temperature-controlled storage system is based on a UTA (air treatment unit), powered by an external chiller to provide the cold water needed for temperature regulation.

The air is circulated inside the external covering with ducts and refrigerated, directed between the trays and then sent back to the UTA where it is filtered and cooled again.

The interior of the temperature-controlled warehouse includes humidity and temperature probes that monitor environmental conditions. In the same way, the bay area is temperature-controlled and if it deviates from the internal temperature, the return of the tray is delayed.

It is possible to add an optional dehumidification unit to reduce the relative humidity inside the warehouse. The device treats the air by removing moisture before returning it to the UTA.

Modula Climate Control

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