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Food distribution: what are the logistical problems?

An ever-increasing variety of products and innovations in packaging and wrapping have made old-style warehousing solutions uneconomical and wasteful. The food & beverage distribution market is very special as it is constantly changing and evolving. It is unstable, highly competitive and hard to manage. It is extremely important to keep delivery times to within strict deadlines and ensure very high material quality and 100% traceability, and this is only possible by reorganising your warehouse and making it more functional.

Modula, the ideal solution for food & beverage industry companies

Designed to utilise as much of a building’s vertical space as possible and save floor space, vertical technologies are the ideal answer for a tidy, clean, safe, fast warehouse. Within the trays, products will be completely protected and organised via the use of metal partitions and dividers. To store a greater quantity of materials, you can add tray extensions which increase the height of the tray’s edges. You can customise your warehouse according to your needs. For example, by determining the number of trays or the way in which they will be subdivided internally, you can store the maximum number of items possible in them. What’s more, load heights are managed automatically: the warehouse itself decides the minimum space between trays. In 16 square metres, can store 80 cubic metres of goods, for a total of 90,000 kg.

This means that you can use Modula vertical warehouses to store thousands of labels along with heavy materials used in production.

Operators don’t have to move around the warehouse to pick or store your goods. The products are brought directly to the picking bay using the “goods to man” principle. Using the Copilot Console, retrieving a product will be simple and easy: just select the desired item on the console, and the tray containing it will appear in the delivery level just a few seconds later. This will eliminate any time wasted looking for the goods manually within the building and speed up picking at the same time. Each time goods are stored or retrieved, the operator can get clear indications about theoretical stock levels and can compare these with real stock levels and facilitate their alignment in the event of an inventory.

Which Modula is right for you?

Some companies have placed their Modula Lift warehouse at the heart of their production process, allowing it to set the rhythm by which production orders are handled. In this way, the company is aware of, and has precise control over, the available quantity of raw materials, in real time. Used correctly, a Modula warehouse can help you avoid starting production and then having to interrupt it again due to a lack of materials. Here are some accessories for making the most of its potentials: Alphanumeric Bar, Telescopic Bay, Laser Pointer and Put to Light.

Food & Beverage/Large-scale distribution