What is WMS (Warehouse Management System)?

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a warehouse logistics software solution, ideal for keeping track of goods, operators and vehicles.

The Modula WMS system can track all events in the warehouse: product tracking, storage positions, stock control, item master data, movements, volumes, receipt of goods, shipments and courier tracking. It collects all the data needed to improve efficiency and productivity, and supports the company in all its organisation, coordination and control of movements and logistics processes.

How does warehouse management work in Modula WMS?

Modula WMS software is the perfect complement to manage Modula automatic vertical and horizontal warehouses and can be used as a tool to manage traditional warehouses or manual storage areas. The Modula WMS warehouse software helps you to manage the warehouse in real time via a simple interface on a PC: the software can be used as a client server or web server (in the most recent versions). All you need is a PC to act as the warehouse server and a certain number of client PCs, depending on requirements.

Once the program has been installed on the server and on any clients, and the warehouse has been configured, the WMS system is ready for immediate use and can communicate automatically with any kind of corporate ERP.

What can Modula WMS do for your warehouse?

  • Identifies and automates picking and refilling operations
  • Manages stock and inventories and reports understock, to help you with reorders
  • Guides you in dynamic location management and in the distribution of compartments
  • Facilitates inventory operations, as a database made up of real-time, clear and comprehensive data
  • Manages Modula maps
  • Simplifies warehouse operations and reduces paper use
  • You will always have up-to-date statistics on the operation of the warehouse

Advantages of using Modula WMS

Cheap and easy to use

Modula WMS is easy to use: its procedures can be picked up immediately, even by non-specialist staff. Much cheaper than other complete solutions on the market.

Saves time

Real-time control, guidance for loading and unloading movements and precise goods allocation all ensure orders are processed quickly. Goods can be managed according to a FIFO procedure, by expiry date or by manufacturing date.

Saves space

It streamlines use of space, by making it possible to store any item anywhere, with no risk of forgetting where the goods have been left or whether they have been picked up.

Easy to integrate

It can easily be integrated with any ERP (such as SAP or Oracle) or other enterprise-wide applications, in a precise and constant exchange of information.

Reduces errors and paper use

It provides total process control, by automating repetitive picking procedures and mapping of movements and routes. Modula WMS also reduces the use of human memory, preventing errors and reducing the use of paper.

Increases productivity

Operators work faster, which increases their productivity. Modula WMS automates picking from warehouse shelves. Every movement is read and transmitted in real time. Inventory operations are simplified, with income and expenditure under constant control.