Our automated vertical warehouses are designed to improve the working conditions of operators, in terms of both safety and ergonomics. The structure has been designed according to the “goods-to-man” principle, and for safety during picking and refilling as necessary.

The ergonomics of the vertical tray warehouse puts all the goods at the operators’ fingertips, reducing all the risks relating to working in a warehouse: strenuous movement and incorrect posture as well as injury.

By ensuring operators no longer need to walk long distances within the warehouse, they also save them excessive effort, including the use of ladders, mezzanines, forklifts and seats.

By placing the picking and refill bays at the right height for people, Modula means operators no longer need to bend down to lift heavy materials, and improves work station ergonomics.

Operator safety and ergonomics

To provide workers with a higher degree of protection, Modula vertical warehouses are fitted with physical and photoelectric safety barriers, to make the operator work station 100% safe. As a result, the warehouses have received TÜV GS certification, attesting to their compliance with the strictest safety standards currently in force in Europe.

This represents a significant improvement in people’s working conditions, given the drastic reduction in the negative impact of physically strenuous tasks.

Operator safety and ergonomics