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Modula solves the storage problems of construction companies

Building and construction materials vary in size and can be difficult to store and guard. From small work tools to plywood pieces and large slabs, everything can be stored in an automatic vertical warehouse. Created to exploit the space in height (they can reach 16 meters), these warehouses are suitable for storing products of different weights and materials. The drawers have a load capacity of up to 990 kg (so our warehouse can hold 90,000 kg) and thanks to the Eagle toothed belt the elevator will move quickly, requiring very little maintenance.

Warehouse management software

The warehouse management software integrated in the Modula system stores the quantities of the individual items placed in the warehouse, avoiding wasting time looking for misplaced tools. Near the loading bay there is a touch screen operator interface (Copilot) that allows access to the machine in a very simple and fast way (it also has a password controlled login). To pick up a product, simply select the desired item on the Copilot console and in a few seconds the drawer from which to pick will appear on the loading bay.

No more errors and no more mess with the Modula automatic vertical warehouse

Clutter and poor organization in the warehouse are reflected in unwarranted purchases, losses of efficiency and waste of money.

A good organization, thanks to the Modula warehouses, allows you to know at any time where the raw material, the finished products and all the collateral tools for production are located. With Modula, waste is reduced to zero. In addition to the space efficiency system, which allows you to save up to 90% on the ground, Modula has automatic weight control when each drawer returns and dynamic management of loading heights. Its solidity and resistance is guaranteed by a load-bearing structure in galvanized steel, transmission is via a steel-reinforced Eagle toothed belt and an elevator guide system with 6 HDPE wheels per side.

With the trolley, available for the Lift models with internal bay, it is possible to completely extract a drawer from inside the machine and use a mobile “Trolley” for transport inside the production unit. This accessory can be used for drawers with a maximum load of 500 kg and standard height from the ground (700 mm).

The telescopic bay, on the other hand, is a tray extraction device available for Modula Lift with internal bay (height from the ground 700 mm) and at the first loading level. It allows the operator, once the tray is positioned in the bay, to manually take it outside and to easily load heavy material, possibly with the help of lifting systems. The 500, 750 and 990 kg machine versions are equipped with support feet with wheels to facilitate the extraction of heavy loads. The versions with feet cannot be installed in the case of a high bay due to the gap between the machine and the operator parking area.