Dedicated Software

Modula has designed and created Modula WMS, a software application for managing vertical warehouses. It has been designed to optimise the performance of vertical warehouses and can be used as a standalone tool in the case of traditional warehouses with manual storage areas.

Modula WMS:

• improves organisation, efficiency and precision

• automates many procedures and reduces paperwork

• rationalises procedures and increases control over processes

• enables faster order shipping

• allows full traceability of picking operations

Configurable and customisable, Modula WMS vertical warehouse management software is available in various packages with different licensing types and software modules, so it can satisfy the requirements of any application.

The software includes a graphical tool for managing the tray layout and interfaces with various ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Baan, Navision and many others.

Find out now about all the advanced features offered by Modula products and contact us for further information. Our team of qualified technicians is available to illustrate the numerous types of custom vertical warehouse configurations we offer, and explain the main functions of Modula WMS.

To optimise goods handling and increase the productivity of your company, choose a Modula system.agement of any complexity. Easy-to-use, flexible and universal it will perfectly feet Modula vertical carousels as well as standard warehouses. Contact us to learn detailed information about WMS and find optimal software solutions for your warehouse.



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