Our story is directly connected to our product and the technology used to create it. Since the first Modula models appeared in 1987, the range of warehouses has grown and brought forth versatile solutions which address the requirements of different manufacturing realities.

Modula's story is directly connected to our products

• 2010: the Diamond Phoenix is acquired.

• 2010: the Modula Lift is launched onto the market.

• 2011: the Modula Sintes1 is released, a smaller, lighter version ideal for small production facilities.

• 2012: research begins in the field of anti-seismic technology to find an earthquake protection solution.

• 2013: the Modula OneTon appears and exceeds every payload limitation, handling up to 990 kg per tray.

• 2016: the prototype of the OnePick is showcased at CeMAT.

• 2017: Modula Cloud software is developed to monitor the performance of our warehouses.

• 2018: OnePick is ready to revolutionise the market, bringing the Modula system to maximum levels of automation.

• 2018: Modula Lift New Generation is released with new services and new features.

• 2019: Modula Slim is introduced at LogiMAT.

• 2020: the Lift range expands, Modula Litf ME is presented.

• 2020: based on thirty years of experience gained in the American market, the new Modula HC horizontal carousel is born.

While our products and markets have been developing, and our customers and their requirements have been increasing, so too has Modula's production capacity been extended and developed. After taking our first steps at our Fiorano Modenese site, we needed to dedicate an entire production facility containing the latest production technology to Modula. So, in 2009, Salvaterra di Casalgrande was established, based on lean manufacturing and Industry 4.0 principles with interconnected processes and new man-machine interaction paradigms.

• In 2014, Modula reaches a record of 1000 machines sold in 12 months, in Italy and elsewhere.

• In 2016 Modula becomes an entirely separate company and so Modula SpA is born. At the same time, work begins on doubling the size of Modula's HQ in Italy.

2016 ends with 1500 units sold, 200 of which are installed in the American market.

• In 2017, thanks to increasing demand for our products and the opening up of new international markets, production volumes are increasing. For this reason we decide to duplicate our production facility. Both facilities are currently operating and are a real example of smart manufacturing which assures customers that our Modula warehouses are fast, flexible and top quality.

2017 ends with more than 2150 machines sold.

• More than 2680 machines sold in 2018.

• Over 2610 machines sold in 2019.

Modula's entire story has been one of international growth and innovation

• In 2005 our French subsidiary is established, followed by our German one in 2009. In the meantime, an Italian sales team is set up to cover all regions and international markets with various Area Managers and an international Customer Care.

• In 2015, the US headquarters is established in Lewiston, in the state of Maine, with its own production facility. Modula Inc., a 100% American company, is established and is number one in the world with its VLM entirely Made in USA.

• In 2016 it's the turn of Modula UK and Modula India to launch into new markets.

• In 2017 the production facility in China is created.

• In 2018 4 new subsidiaries were opened: Modula Storage Solution in Mexico, Modula China Automation Equipment in China and Modula Logística y Almacenaje in Spain.

• In 2019 the new plant is inaugurated in Ohio, USA and Modula Russia Limited Liability Company in Russia.

• In 2020 the Modula South East branch in Singapore was born.

• In 2021 the Modula Colombia branch was born.


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