A Modula Lift for Mimet, an industry leader in the production of industrial refrigeration


Vigatec, our dealer in Chile, has recently completed the installation of a Modula Lift at the Mimet plant. Mimet is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the commercial refrigeration market.
The company has chosen a Lift, MX75D, 10.300 mm high and with a double external bay. The vertical structure has 49 trays, each one with a capacity of 750 kg. In addition, Mimet has integrated the Modula WMS Premium software with its existing ERP to allow real-time management of the warehouse.

Why did Mimet choose Modula?

With our VLM it has been possible to increase the availability of floor space, check inventory with a simple click, and increase the safety of both goods and operators.
The structure of Modula warehouses has been designed, with people in mind, to be safe. Vertical warehouse ergonomics actually allow operators to have all goods within easy reach, with fewer risks to the people working in the warehouse.




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