Limited archive space? The solution is Modula’s automatic storage system


When we think of an archive, we imagine many shelves, positioned side by side and overflowing with books, documents, or samples. Folders that fill every possible space on the shelf, sometimes two rows deep and therefore not visible at first glance or overlapping marketing office samples which are therefore not easily traceable.
Traditional archiving systems, such as static shelving, are not an efficient solution for cataloging. This is why many offices and libraries have reconsidered how to organize their space and have implemented automatic archiving and retrieval systems such as automatic vertical storage systems.

What advantages do Modula automated vertical storage systems offer libraries and offices?

Libraries are no longer places to simply find books, they have become complete resource centers that must also archive digital media, objects, works of art and photographic collections. They need an efficient way to accommodate this wide range of materials while remaining flexible and ensuring maximum use of space.
An automated vertical storage system with trays decreases the footprint by up to 90% compared to traditional filing systems. Corridors take up a lot of space in a library, and higher shelves are hard to reach. Optimizing the existing storage space means reducing clutter and improving the accessibility of materials. Additionally, the recovered surface can be used to create additional meeting rooms and provide access to computers or reference materials.
The Modula automatic storage systems work well in all offices. For example, they can extend through the floors of a library and provide tiered access to the items stored within the unit.

Modula Slim Documents

Modula and storage in the samples department

The Modula automatic vertical storage systems are the perfect response to the need to find any sample from any collection and any year with a simple click. There is no comparison to shelving which is subject to possible falls, dust, bumps and complex inventory management. Furthermore, it is possible to allow access to the trays only to a limited number of operators with a special login and password.
For example, many companies in the ceramic sector have chosen Modula’s automated storage systems to store all their marketing material in an orderly, clean, simple way. Catalogues, brochures, mini samples, gadgets or special packaging are invaluable for the ceramic industry.
The vertical storage system with trays fully responds to the storage needs for marketing material, making any operation easy even at the customer care level when it comes to responding to the requests of the customers. If the external double bay solution is chosen, picking operations are faster: while one tray delivers the goods to the operator, a second tray is prepared for the successive picking operation.

Modula Slim Catalogs

Absolute traceability and inventory updates in real time with Modula WMS

All picking from the automated storage system is monitored and documented to offer complete traceability. The library staff have immediate access to the status and location of a book, preventing the classic situation where a volume is listed as available in the online catalogue but is nowhere to be found. Modula automated storage systems can be integrated into any existing local IT system. Modula WMS (Warehouse Management Software) ensures an accurate and continuous data exchange with minimal impact on pre-existing procedures.
Thanks to the simple Modula WMS inventory management software and to the visual aids that facilitate picking, library staff can locate and/or return books quickly and easily, requesting items electronically and picking them up in just a few minutes. This eliminates retrieval errors or the incorrect replacement of books and materials after they are returned.



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