Modula: back to work, safety first


On 4 May our production plant in Salvaterra reopened, with a clearly defined protocol and precise rules in order to safeguard the health and safety of anyone entering the company: employees, suppliers and visitors. Smart working continues for the majority of the staff employed in the office, ensure social distancing

In recent weeks, the Covid 19 corporate committee has been set up, consisting of senior management, trade union representatives, workers' representatives for safety, human resources and the legal department: its function was to draw up the internal protocol and subsequently to verify its proper application to allow maximum protection of workers..
The Committee constantly discusses the measures to be taken to ensure safety in the workplace for all employees, paying particular attention to the production department and activities carried out by customer service

In particular, the following are ensured in the workplace:
- strict incoming checks carried out by dedicated personnel
- temperature control at the entrance and during working hours
- management of entry / exit times to avoid gatherings of workers, and alternated work shifts
- company canteen service: a project for the reopening of the company restaurant is being analyzed in compliance with all anti-contagion safety measures - creation of different access routes for different departments
- sanitization of rooms, environments and workstations every 2 hours
- distribution of personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, gels and disinfectant liquids
- redefinition of the layout of the workstations to ensure the social distancing between workers

Rules for external / suppliers / visitors

The access will be limited to specific areas for all outsiders and controlled by a dedicated security service that will accompany these people, to avoid having to pass through common areas.

Insurance policy

In support of all employees who could be victims of the infection, the company has taken out a new extraordinary insurance policy called COVID-19.
The insurance coverage includes a daily diary in case of hospitalization linked to Covid-19, as well as one-time compensation in case of hospital treatment in intensive care.


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