Modula grows and invests locally


The 2019 financial statements show strong growth for Modula S.p.A., the smart factory in Reggio Emilia that continues to invest in its home area by acquiring the Bologna-based MB and even rewarding all employees with more than €3,000.

Modula S.p.A. had an exceptional 2019, closing its consolidated balance sheet with revenues in excess of €160 million.

With over 2,600 automated storage systems sold and an EBITDA/revenue ratio over 9%, it confirms its growth trend for the tenth consecutive year.

In 2019 Modula continued developing its production plants in Italy, China and the United States as well as its presence in the international market, with an industrial plan aimed at continuous growth and the promotion of its extensive experience also in light of the significant investments already made over the years.
Modula is one of the undisputed world leaders in the design and production of automated vertical storage systems and stands out for its ability to deliver quality products and services to its customers. This is possible thanks to its focus on market demands as well as to its dynamic structure and innovative solutions.

In recent days, Modula finalized the operation that led to the acquisition of 60% of MB S.r.l., a Bolognese company with remarkable know-how in the production of cold stamping dies and mechanical machining, which has been a long-time supplier of Modula storage system components.

The agreement was reached between the owners of MB S.r.l., Giancarlo Bottazzi and Ezio Ferriani, and Franco Stefani, founder and owner of Modula S.p.A.
MB, based in Crevalcore (Bologna) and founded in 1970, has a 7,000 square meter production facility, where it designs and manufactures metal products for third parties, focusing on sheet metal dies, precision dies, and special profiles. In 2019 it closed its financial statements with revenues of over €16 million, counting on a workforce of about 50.

The acquisition of the company is consistent with Modula's strategic and industrial plan, which for some years now has been aiming at an insourcing model for the production of its vertical storage systems in an innovative and technological factory, to the point of being considered an industry 4.0 model.

Franco Stefani commented as follows: "The transaction is of strategic importance for our company because it increases our competitiveness, efficiency, and production speed and simultaneously offers financial soundness and continuity to one of our strategic suppliers. In fact, we can now count on 95% in-house production of our vertical storage systems and have much better control of our international expansion plan, consolidating the important results obtained so far and guaranteeing business continuity."

The integration of MB s.r.l. in the Modula group will also be a source of advantageous synergies for the benefit of both companies.

Modula S.p.A., established in 1987, now has 4 production plants (Italy, China, and 2 in the USA), 8 branches worldwide and about 700 employees, with a network of over 100 distributors supporting the sales force.


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