Modula Slim, a small solution for a big savings


Modula Slim is the ideal VLM for companies that don’t have much space available but don’t want to lose out on the advantages of lift solutions.
Modula Slim can store all types of products: loose items, containers (boxes and trays), small parts, spare parts, reels, bottles.
The best of the lift technology in just 3 m2 of floor space and 1,6 m depth!

What are the benefits?

Recover floor space, and maximises the storage density
Reduces errors by guiding the operator through his activities
• Makes the material accessible, quickly and in an ergonomic position for the operators
• Allows you to monitor the inventory in the warehouse
• Easily integrates into the production flow, communicating with all ERP systems
• Thanks to the dynamic management of load heights, the VLM calculates the best location for the trays and minimizes the space between them
• There are no issues with an imbalanced load, unlike carousel systems.

Modulate Slim for shops, pharmacies, archives and offices

What is the dream of every employee who has to deal with archives every day? Find the file with a simple click!
With the Modula WMS software all items are tracked. The WMS guides the loading and unloading operations, allowing fast, accurate order fulfillment.
Modula Slim has a very low energy consumption: less than 1.2 kW / h. You can choose to supply the warehouse with three-phase (400 V) or single-phase (230 V). This makes it the correct choice for commercial buildings and offices. In addition, thanks to the Eagle toothed belt drive system, Modula Slim is super quiet and maintenance is limited.

Modula Slim has a preassembled base that allows easy handling and quick installation. This means that the warehouse is ready for use in just 48 hours!



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