Put To Light

High productivity picking with the Put to Light system

Imagine having a colored light that guides your picking operations, making the preparation of multiple orders easy and intuitive and significantly reducing all errors due to the repetitiveness of the preparation work.

This is why Put to Light solutions are the best choice for order preparation when a fast, intuitive, scalable and error-free process is required.

Special displays have been created that visually guide the operator to the positions where the items must be placed for each order.

luminous display is associated with each position or container that is assigned to an order, so every time that position lights up it means that exactly that order is being worked on, whether it is to be managed in boxes, containers, boxes or workstations.

Put to Light
7-color validation button
OLED graphic display 128×32 pixels
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How does the Put to Light system work?

It all starts with the article. Following a precise list, when the item is identified in the Modula and the operator picks it up, the displays connected to the order to which the item belongs light up to visually indicate to the operator the container in which it must be placed and the exact quantity of that item required for that order.

So the Put to Light system guides those who work on the order during picking and clearly manages the positions where the items must be placed for each order. The correspondence is one-to-one: a luminous display is linked only to a position or container that will be the basis of the order.

Using the Modula WMS software that manages the Put to Light system, it is possible to implement various picking strategies, including batch picking (several items in the same drawer for different orders) and multi-order (preparation of several orders at the same time for different customers or destinations).

The advantages of Put to Light are obvious in terms of accuracy, efficiency and inventory management also because being integrated on the Modula automatic warehouse only through the use of the Modula WMS, they are linked to integrated and direct communication with the management software.

This picking solution increases the number of orders completed daily while containing operating costs and, above all, training costs for the employees.

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