Picking solutions for order preparation

Order preparation and picking are two phases that are always at the heart of our optimization strategy.

With an automatic warehouse it is much easier to manage both.

When carrying out picking in the warehouse, our automatic technology of our warehouses comes in handy: it’s easier to find what you’re looking for, it’s faster to pick up, it’s harder to make mistakes and the whole process becomes faster and more precise.

If the order is prepared for other areas, for other destinations or for other departments, starting from a list of picks to be made, this will certainly be the central and most delicate phase.

The greater the efficiency of the picking warehouse picking strategies, the greater the speed of order fulfillment (from which the degree of satisfaction of customers and suppliers directly derives).

It becomes important to adopt an automated warehouse picking technology such as Modula to accelerate and optimize flows but also to monitor numerous warehouse dynamics such as accesses, withdrawals, status and numbers of stocks or to keep inventory and stocks under control in real time.

Picking solutions

The type of picking that requires the most energy is definitely manual picking: the operator in charge, having received the instructions, goes to the Modula automatic warehouse and picks up the items from the previously received list.

In the case of an automated warehouse, the movement of the operator that took place in traditional shelves is eliminated: the picker only has to pick up the material according to the concept of goods to man.

Picking solutions

There is also 100% automatic picking where it is not the operators who do the picking but systems such as anthropomorphic robots, rather than cobots or intelligent mechanical grippers.

Also in this case the Modula warehouse functions as storage and the Modula WMS management software allows you to synchronize picking between the various automations.

Everything has to do with improving order preparation, especially if you think in terms of multi-orders. In practice, with picking solutions it is possible to prepare several orders for different customers at the same time and without making a mistake!

Picking solutions