Dassault Falcon Jet

Warehouse automation for the aerospace industry

Dassault Aviation is an aeronautical aircraft design and manufacturing company, present in over 90 countries worldwide and on 5 continents.
It has distribution centers for original spare parts all over the world: well over 300 thousand items stored in the shipping warehouse!

This high number of accessories, combined with a storage method that is out of step with the times, has generated many picking errors and a significant waste of time in searching for parts.

Modula vertical automated warehouses, the ideal solution for fast and error-free deliveries

The vertical storage solution designed by Modula represented an ideal solution for making timely deliveries without margin of error.

Each Modula Lift stores up to 20,000 items and offers them to the operator with a simple click.

Dassault Falcon Jet chooses Modula’s Lifts to grow Picking Productivity and Accuracy

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