Why choose Modula warehouse?

Automatic vertical warehouses represent an important aid in the manufacture of ceramics. Storage needs can vary from one factory to the next, but this warehouse solution turns out to be perfect for any purpose.

In the ceramics industry, collections change every year and new series are launched onto the market. However, you still have to create a historical archive of samples from each collection and series. A vertical warehouse like Modula is the perfect response to the need to locate a sample from any collection or from any year with one simple click. There is no comparison with shelving-based archives which can be subject to falls, dust and impacts, and require complex inventory management. Access to the trays containing tiles from the samples department can be limited to a small number of operators via a special login and password.

Many companies in the ceramics sector have chosen Modula to create archives that are organised, clean, simple and yet in which it is easy to locate all marketing materials. Catalogues, brochures, mini-samples, gadgets or particular packaging actually represent a valuable archive for a ceramics business.

Sometimes you need to consult old documents which need to be preserved for a long time or simply locate an old catalogue or an old photograph. It would be impossible to do this without an automated archive, relying solely on your staff's memories of the past. Modula can respond fully to this requirement for storage of marketing materials, making every operation easy, especially for customer care where all customer requests are made easy.

Choosing a dual external bay makes it possible to speed up picking operations as, while one tray is delivering the goods to the operator, another tray is on its way to retrieve the next item. Wire brushes, materials for polishing, cutting and all grinding tools can be easily located by your operators with one click. The same goes for all spare parts used in ceramic production factories, of various sizes, value, utility and rotation.

Having your inventory under control and being able to access necessary materials in real time means never having to halt production. All these operations can be carried out by simply using the Copilot, a user-friendly touch screen console.

Presses and templates usually stored on pallets and racks can be stored in vertical warehouses thanks to each tray's high payload. They can be accessed easily via the external bay which is easy to integrate with all types of manipulator or zero-weight lifting device or anthropomorphous robot which complement the work of operators, improving their ergonomics.

Keeping track of templates is made simple by using the WMS software. This way you can keep your presses supplied quickly and without mistakes. Modula trays have a total payload of 990 kg, and are therefore ideal for storing different templates.

Laboratory materials, tools, dyes, inks, decorations: all laboratory materials can be organised in a Modula system, saving up to 90% of floor space. For example, 47 m3 can be condensed into 14 m2. Imagine being able to store kits used previously as samples and tests, special inks or materials which need to be protected from light or from impurities or from high temperatures and above all from prying eyes.

With Modula you can do this by limiting access via permissions, tracked codes and monitored movements. Security and maximum space-saving mean efficiency and performance, or simply a better way of working.

Companies which have chosen Modula systems usually limit access to the warehouse to around 30-40 operators. You can even have multiple operators working on the same warehouse but with access to different goods and/or different trays. The Login system allows you to track and keep note of who has accessed which tray, when and what they did. This allows you total and complete supervision, but also gives you a multifunction system which serves various departments and various requests simultaneously.


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