Modula warehouse management system for the ceramic industry

Historical company for the production of plants and machinery for glazing tiles and bricks, designs and manufactures in-house brushes, tile turners, scraping units, tubs and brushing machines. Oriented towards Made in Italy research and development, it has obtained numerous results on the national and international market.

Spare parts and tools for glazing tiles all stored in one place. Tecnocer chooses Modula vertical warehouses

The storage of parts for production and spare parts for shipping was organized on shelves, but it lacked low efficiency since there was not much space. A reorganization was needed to make the most of the height of the structure. Parallel to this, optimizing the tracking of product movements was Tecnocer’s second necessity.

The minimal and modern design of the Modula Lift has caught the attention of the company. The warehouse proved to be the ideal solution to solve space problems and enclose tens of cubic meters of storage in an automatic system. Now the numerous parts and spare parts destined for the production department are ordered inside the Modula with great customer satisfaction. The material is distributed over 35 drawers with a capacity of 500 kg each, so the need to increase the storage density has been amply satisfied.