Sacmi de Mexico

Company presentation

Sacmi de Mexico was established in 1989 and forms part of the SACMI group, global leader in the production of machinery and systems for the ceramics industry, beverage & packaging, food processing, process control, and for plastic injection systems.


Sacmi de Mexico had a space and organisational issue in relation to multiple spare part loading units. Spare parts are continuously and efficiently distributed to its clients in a number of different industrial sectors operating 24/7 in Mexico.


Sacmi has gradually been acquiring MODULA storage systems, enabling it to optimise space in its current facility, without the need to find additional space. At the same time, the interconnection between the MODULA machines has been utilised, together with the ERP (SAP) system, which is managed directly by the parent company in Italy. Furthermore, order preparation times have been optimised, and picking errors reduced.

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