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Welcome to the New Modula Academy Portal!

We have set up this portal to introduce you to the world of Modula Academy, with its online courses, its operational platform and its innovations. Initially designed for the Sales world, Modula Academy is gearing up to host courses with contents of other business functions, such as Customer Care and Production. Each of these business functions will have their own space, which may also be used by related managers as a place for information exchange on the initiatives of the Academy. You will find our references that will allow you to communicate with us; Modula Academy staff is available to provide information, support and to collect ideas for improvement or ideas for new courses.




Thanks to Internet technology, the Modula Academy courses can be seen by all the Modula branches in the world. All courses are translated into Italian and English. To facilitate our colleagues belonging to important markets, there are some courses that are considered most significant, also translated into German and Spanish. According to your profile, the e-learning platform will be able to understand what is your preferred language and will show you the contents in a way that is consistent with it.








100% Cloud,
ready and let's go


Modern graphics
and fascinating


Continuous improvement


Continuous communication


Utility on daily topics

  Follow your e-learning courses whenever you want and where you want with Modula's e-learning Cloud platform   All courses are designed to be intuitive and engaging, to make your training experience as pleasant as possible.  

Thanks to continuous content updates, courses are constantly optimized in their usability


The whole Modula e-learning system is designed to keep you informed about new courses and supported in case of need.


The new contents are chosen with the aim of improving knowledge on topics that treat our users every day.








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