7+1 Deadly Sins of the Warehouse

For most companies, managing the warehouse and all logistics activities is a critical task.

Warehouses, in fact, are often seen as a problem and not as a resource!

Having an efficient and organized warehouse is possible though: discover how to immediately improve the performance of yours!

Picking: The Heart of the Warehouse

Picking is the heart of the warehouse: this is why it is important to know how to organize it in the best possible manner.

We share four picking strategies to choose from, focusing on picking quantities and frequencies, type of customer, processing time, available space, and automation

Automation: the way forward to manage e-commerce logistics

Warehouse automation is essential for the management of e-commerce logistics, for which the speed of shipments and deliveries is certainly a key factor.

Vertical storage systems are a fast, reliable and easy-to-use solution to streamline the warehouse operations of your online store.

Ideas for warehouse reorganization

Improving the organization of the warehouse does not necessarily have to be a complex operation: study the floor plans, think both horizontally and vertically, consult with your personnel.

Check out some easy-to-implement tips to boost personnel satisfaction and your earnings quite quickly.

8 types of waste that Vertical Lift Modules can eliminate

Vertical storage solutions such as Modula’s storage systems are ideal to make the most of the available height of any facility and optimize floor space; indeed, inefficiently used space is wasted space.

Even simple, small-scale changes to warehouse organization can rapidly lead to productivity gains.

Read the advice of Modula’s experts to reorganize your warehouse without major overhauls.